*UPDATED* F1 22 Monaco Setup: Career Mode, My Team, Online & more

There is no test quite like the streets of Monte Carlo, but this F1 22 Monaco setup will help!

The historic race is more of a procession these days, but it's still one everyone wants to win.

Here is how you can stand on the top step!

This setup has been updated for patch 1.06 handling change

F1 22 Monaco setup

Monaco is a race that's all about qualifying pace and tyre wear.

You need to be on pole and then control the pace of the race and give yourself space to get into the pits and come out in front.

Even in F1 22 where overtaking is easier than in real life, it is still basically impossible to get past on the Monaco track.



There is one rule with Monaco, and that is maximum downforce!

F1 22 Monaco setup aerodynamics
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We've gone with 50-50 wings, the most allowed in the F1 22 game.



This setting dictates how power is pushed through the rear wheels. Higher values making the wheels rotate in sync with one another while lower values allow the rear wheels to rotate more freely from one another.

F1 22 Monaco setup transmission
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We've gone with 65% on-throttle differential. This keeps the rear stable on corner-exit, something we will need to get around this exceptionally tight track.

The 50% off-throttle differential allows a bit more rotation in the car under braking.

Suspension geometry

The meta hasn't changed for suspension geometry for F1 22.

F1 22 Monaco setup suspension geometry
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That means that front camber of -2.50, rear camber of -1.00, front toe of 0.05, and rear toe of 0.20 is still the best way to attack this setting.


This part of the setup is very personal when it comes to F1 22, but we need to create rotation in the car to get around the corners and back on the power.

F1 22 Monaco setup suspension
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We've gone with 7-2 on the suspension and 7-1 on the anti-roll bars. This creates a predictable car that isn't harsh on the rear tyres

The 8-6 ride height means you can take a lot of kerb and gives the wings room to work.


Stopping power is crucial in Monaco.

F1 22 Monaco setup Brakes
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We've gone for the maximum values of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

This creates the most stopping power possible, but only if you don't lockup. If you find your left foot a bit too heavy then just drop the brake pressure a bit.


The new Pirelli tyres are providing a learning curve for everyone.

F1 22 Monaco setup tyres
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We have found some good success with 23.3 psi on the front tyres and 21.5 psi on the rears.

This creates a good level of front-end grip and rear traction without overly stressing the rubber and spiking temperatures or increasing wear.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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