F1 22: Crossplay is here!

After much waiting and speculation F1 22 crossplay is finally here.

Having been through an extensive open beta and then publicly confirmed by Codemasters in the Update 1.09 patch notes the ability to go racing with friends on different platforms has arrived.

F1 22 crossplay

Crossplay is the ability to play online with those on different hardware from you.

It has never been possible before in an F1 title, and its addition is huge for a community that is used to hard barriers between players.

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So now no matter what console or PC store you are playing through, you can jump onto the grid with anyone!

How to use F1 22 crossplay

Crossplay is available in Social Play and two player career.

To use it you will need to turn it on.

The option is in Game Options > Settings.

F1 22 Crossplay settings
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Those on Xbox may need to enable crossplay in their account settings.

After enabling crossplay you will be able to select Social Race and join other sessions across all platforms and invite players who also have crossplay enabled.

The Friends Hub is where you can review any pending friend requests or session invites. You can also search for and add friends as well as those you’ve recently raced against. Friends Hub can be accessed from the Main Menu by clicking the left thumbstick (or F10 on a keyboard) and then selecting the Friends Option.

As a session host, in order to invite someone to your lobby from another platform, head to the Invite Friends option in the lobby and invite them from there. They’ll receive an invite through the Friends Hub.

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