F1 22 USA Setup: COTA Setup, My Team, Online, & Career Mode

F1 22 USA Esports Round 9

F1 22 USA Esports Round 9

There are few modern tracks as beloved as COTA, and you will want to use this F1 22 USA setup to master it!

The Texas circuit has become a firm favourite with drivers and fans alike which means winning is even sweeter.

This setup has been updated for patch 1.06 handling change

F1 22 USA setup

COTA is a mix of long straights and sweeping corners. With a high-speed esses section and some tricky final corners you can't just rip all the wings off though.

There are plenty of overtaking spots around the lap, but tyre wear is also a tricky thing to keep an eye on.


Wings are pretty hard to get to an optimum level here, but these values will give you good performance.

F1 22 USA setup aerodynamics
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We've gone for 37-34 wings which provide great stability in both high- and low-speed sectors.

You could trim these if you have faith in your inputs through the esses and particularly the final corner.



This part of the setup dictates how the power is driven through the rear tyres and into the tarmac.

F1 22 USA setup transmission
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The 53% on-throttle differential gives you a stable rear-end with good traction out of the corners.

The 50% off-throttle differential provides rotation on turn-in, especially useful for the tight left-handers on either side of the back straight.

Suspension geometry

The suspension geometry meta hasn't changed too much.

F1 22 USA setup suspension geometry
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This setup has -2.50 on the front camber and -1.00 on the rear camber. It's 0.05 for the front toe and 0.20 for the rear toe.


This part of the setup can be highly personal, but these settings will give you a very stable and predictable base.

F1 22 USA setup suspension
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We've gone for 2-1 on the suspension and 2-1 on the anti-roll bars. This gives great front-end bite with predictable rear performance.

The ride height of 7-4 gives your rear wing some room to work and enough clearance for the kerbs, just don't get off-line through the esses or you are in trouble!


Stopping power is crucial everywhere, but there are some BIG braking points around COTA.

F1 22 USA setup brakes
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As a result, we have gone with maximum stopping power of 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias.

If you find you are locking up too much with this setting then drop the brake pressure a few points.


The 18" Pirelli tyres are new for F1 22.

F1 22 USA setup tyres
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We have had success at COTA with 22.5 psi on the front tyres and 21.0 psi on the rears. We didn't experience too much wear with this setting, but if your practice runs do show excessive wear then drop the front pressures a touch.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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