F1 23 ULTIMATE GUIDE: Setups, F1 World, tips, & more

F1 23 ULTIMATE GUIDE: Setups, F1 World, tips, & more

F1 23 ULTIMATE GUIDE: Setups, F1 World, tips, & more

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F1 23 is finally here. The latest Codemasters title delivers thrills and spills in the world of F1. With this ultimate guide, you will be able to pick your way through the game and enjoy it to the full.

From improved physics and the return of Braking Point to several new long-requested features, we've got everything you need to know about F1 23 right here.

Latest news - F1 23 Update 1.15 brings both F1 & F2 up to date

Update 1.15 for F1 23 is out now, introducing some pretty big changes to the game.

Along with fixing multiple bugs in F1 23, Update 1.15 includes the F1 Sports Update. The Sports Update brings the entire F1 grid up to date, including paint colours, sponsor placement, bodywork, and team attire.

F1 23 update 1.15
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It's not just F1 seeing an update though. Update 1.15 also sees the 2023 F2 season screech onto the grid, with all teams and drivers from 2023 now available to race.

Click here to read the patch notes from Update 1.15 in F1 23.

F1 23 could use FIFA's anti-cheat technology

Cheating continues to be a controversial topic among F1 players. Last month, Codemasters confirmed an F1 23 anti-cheat system is in the works. In an interview with RacingGames, Creative Director Lee Mather confirmed an anti-cheat is still in active development and is in the "prototyping phase."

He went on to add that Codemasters is working with the EA Sports FC team to see if F1 23 can use similar anti-cheat technology seen in FIFA 23.

F1 23 review

Not got early access to the game? No worries! We have done a full F1 23 review and taken the game for a thorough test drive.

Codemasters has done a fantastic job with the new handling & physics of the game, giving players a driving experience that is more similar to true sim racers than ever before.

New game mode F1 World also offers a lot to do, but single-player racers may be frustrated with F1 23.

You can read our full F1 23 review here.

F1 23 setups

As ever, setups are crucial to overall pace in F1 23. Be it My Team or ranked multiplayer, a good setup can make all the difference. You'll find all of our current setups below:

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F1 World

This new game mode is the first step towards F1 Ultimate Team. Combining Grand Prix, Time Trial, online multiplayer and last year’s divisive F1 Life into a single mode F1 World is one of F1 23's big headline new features.

Your F1 World car in F1 23
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This mode gives you a car that you earn upgrades for as opposed to developing via and R&D tree. This means that you need to play more and more to keep up your resources and earn more powerful upgrades.

You can craft upgrades by unlocking engineering and increase your race payouts by improving your F1 23 licence. It's going to be a divisive mode but we have definitely enjoyed it so far. It's a great casual option with plenty of events and challenges to take on.

Braking Point 2

Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler are back for a new Braking Point story this year. They are bringing new characters and stories with them, along with an overall uplift in presentation, graphics, and animation over what we saw in F1 2021.

Aiden Jackson returns in Braking Point 2 for F1 23
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This mode offers a terrific two-season story through the twists and turns of a new team on the F1 grid: Konnersport Racing. With the backing of a forceful sponsor and a new driving talent making waves, Braking Point 2 is set to be a great addition to the game.

Career mode & My Team

We haven't spoken much about the traditional single-player modes yet, and that's because very little has changed in them.

From the menus to the team-building to the R&D, it is all very similar to F1 22. Which was pretty similar to F1 2021.

The R&D screen in F1 23
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That's disappointing, but also not really a surprise. The Formula 1 games have a very enjoyable career mode experience and it has been refined over the last six or so years into what we have today. It's good, maybe even great when compared to its competition, but the lack of changes is annoying.

F1 23 release date

F1 23 is arriving earlier than usual. The release date is set for 16 June on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

Early access is already available via the Champions Edition.


F1 23 will have 26 circuits for players to enjoy. These are all the official circuits from this year's real-life F1 calendar along with three legacy tracks that Codemasters is able to keep in the game.

Sakhir International Circuit
Jeddah Corniche Circuit
Saudi Arabia
Albert Park Circuit
Baku City Circuit
Miami International Autodrome
Miami, USA
Autodromo Internatzionale Enze e Dino Ferrari (Imola)
Circuit de Monaco
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Red Bull Ring
Great Britain
Marina Bay
Lusail International Circuit
Circuit of the Americas (COTA)
Austin, USA
Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
Las Vegas Street Circuit
Las Vegas, USA
Yas Marina
Abu Dhabi
Circuit Paul Ricard
Shanghai International Circuit
Algarve International Circuit (Portimao)

F1 23 achievement and trophy list

If you're a trophy or achievement hunter, F1 23 has a lot of replay value. There are 50 PlayStation trophies and 49 Xbox trophies to unlock - you can find the full F1 23 achievement and trophy list here.

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