F1 23: Everything you need to know about this year's Formula 1 game

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F1 23 everything you need to know

The wait for F1 23 is nearly over. With Red Bull dominating the season so far, fans are dreaming of a team rising up to challenge them, but we can make that come true when F1 23 arrives!

We've had a hands-on preview of the new Codemasters game, getting a sense of plenty of new features and improvements over last year's less-than-well-received title.

From improved physics and the return of Braking Point to several new long-requested features, we've got everything you need to know about F1 23 right here.

Latest news - Soundtrack reveal

With less than two weeks until the release, EA has revealed the F1 23 soundtrack. No EA sports game is complete without a licensed soundtrack, and F1 23 continues this trend. This is the second F1 game to have a licensed soundtrack after F1 22 since EA acquired Codemasters.

F1 23 Miami screenshot
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F1 23's soundtrack features 35 global artists from 16 countries, led by the exclusive single ‘See The Light’ from supergroup Swedish House Mafia ft Fridayy. You can check out the full F1 23 soundtrack here.

In addition to the soundtrack, the F1 23 achievement and trophy list has emerged, giving achievement and trophy hunters an idea of the challenges facing them in this year's F1 game.

F1 World preview

Combining Grand Prix, Time Trial, online multiplayer and last year’s divisive F1 Life into a single, easy-to-access hub, F1 World is one of F1 23's big headline new features.

We've been hands-on with F1 World at a preview event, and it's shaping up to be a welcome addition to F1 23 for players of all skill levels. To find out more, you can check out our F1 World preview here.

Braking Point 2 echoes real life brilliantly

Our latest preview of F1 23 gave us a look at the early stages of Braking Point 2. The returning narrative mode puts players back to the start of the 2022 as a new team, Konnersport Racing, joins the grid.

The Konnersport Racing teammates go wheel-to-wheel in F1 23 braking point
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Returning characters like Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler feature, but it is the cast of new faces and their interwoven desires that really set the stage for a sparking game mode.

We'll avoid spoilers here, but for more you can check out our Braking Point 2 preview!

Hands-on with F1 23's new handling

We have been lucky enough to get hold of an F1 23 preview build thanks to Codemasters. This build, while limited to Grand Prix and Time Trial modes, allowed us to put the new handling model through its paces.

It's safe to say we have been impressed by the changes made to the handling. While there is a learning curve that won't be to everyone's taste, this year is a big step forward.

You can check out our full hands-on preview here.

Las Vegas gameplay

Codemasters has sunk out a first look at Las Vegas in a quick gameplay video. While the focus is on the new street track set to debut on the Formula 1 calendar in November, there are also a few other things.

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Players can also see the bonus Las Vegas helmet, suit, and livery that are an exclusive pre-order bonus but only if you pre-order before 31 May!

Second F1 23 deep dive focuses on Braking Point 2 and F1 World

Following a delay last week after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was cancelled due to flooding, EA has lifted the lid on Braking Point 2 and F1 World in the second deep dive.

We get some insight into the new character Callie Mayer along with a first look at F1 World. Serving as a central hub replacing last year's F1 Life, F1 World combines the multiplayer, time trial and grand prix modes and also features daily and weekly challenges to complete.

By completing objectives, you'll unlock car parts and upgrades for your F1 World car.

If that wasn't enough, Codemasters also detailed F1 23's new revamped multiplayer, with a division system rewarding the world's top players.

F1 23 gameplay shown off in first deep dive

In the first of a series of deep dives, EA has shown off the first F1 23 gameplay after last week's CGI-heavy announcement trailer.

F1 23 Las Vegas screenshot
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Narrated by Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham, the video focuses on F1 23's headline features. We find out more about F1 23's improved physics, allowing for "more predictable and authentic vehicle behaviour" for acceleration, braking and rotation. A comparison between F1 22 and F1 23 also shows how the new PrecisionDrive technology will offer finer control for pad players.

Red flags are also demonstrated. The system will monitor track conditions to determine whether to deploy a safety car, virtual safety car or red flag stopping the race. Red flags can be triggered by crashes, cars retiring in unsafe positions on track, or even extreme rain.

We also get a first look at the new Las Vegas circuit, built from the ground up from Codemasters from thousands of reference photographs.

It was an extensive showcase, but the next deep dive is around the corner, with the next video focusing on Braking Point 2 and F1 World on 19 May.

F1 23 revealed

It's lights out: after several leaks and a rather protracted teaser campaign, EA has finally lifted the covers off F1 23.

F1 23 screenshot Alpine Monaco
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As expected, Braking Point is back, with Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler returning from F1 2021. This time, you'll be racing for the fictional racing team Konnersport Racing with Butler as your teammate.

Codemasters is also promising improved physics with "more predictable" car handling and "greater realism to pad-play." Red flags finally return for the first time since F1 2014, while the divisive F1 Life is being replaced with a new hub called F1 World.

The new Las Vegas street circuit will join the calendar at launch along with Qatar and three legacy circuits: Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimao (Portugal).

F1 23 release date

F1 23 is arriving earlier than usual so players don't have long to wait. The release date is set for 16 June on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

As F1 23 is also coming to last-gen platforms, we'll probably need to wait until F1 24 for the game to run on a brand-new engine.

Early access

Players who pre-order the Champions Edition can access F1 23 three days earlier and get behind the wheel on 13 June.


F1 23 was revealed in a flashy announcement trailer showcasing the new Las Vegas Circuit, Braking Point 2, and even appearances from Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

You can watch the F1 23 reveal trailer below.

Standard and Champions Edition

Like last year, there are two F1 23 editions: the Standard and Champions Edition.

F1 23 Standard Edition cover with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris
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Featuring Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris on the cover, the Standard Edition comes with the F1 World Starter Pack and 5000 PitCoin as pre-order bonuses.

As with F1 22, there will also be an F1 23 Champions Edition.

F1 23 Champions Edition with Max Verstappen
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This deluxe version comes with time-limited Las Vegas content, Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack, Braking Point 2 Icons and Vanity Item Pack, Dual Entitlement. It also includes four new My Team Icons, an XP Boost, F1 World Bumper Pack, 18,000 PitCoin and three days early access starting on 13 June.

Braking Point 2

F1 23's headline feature is the return of the Braking Point. The story mode was first introduced in F1 2019 before becoming a fully-fledged mode in F1 2021.

F1 23 screenshot Braking Point 2
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F1 23 sees you race for the fictional Konnersport team, a struggling organisation looking to rank up the grid against the current F1 teams. Aiden Jackson and the cocky Devon Butler return from F1 2021's Braking Point, this time as teammates driving for Konnersport.

With new characters and rivalries, Codemasters promises plenty of twists and turns as Jackson and Butler look to rise up the ranks.

Career & My Team evolution

The lack of innovation within the core single-player game modes is one of the big reasons F1 22 fell a bit flat. Last year's game felt overly familiar with the interfaces, R&D, and in-game presentation.

F1 22 My Team menus
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As an annual sports title that had created very impressive single-player modes, it is hard to make innovations. Change just for the sake of it can be bad, but the lack of change has made racers struggle to get into a new season be it in career or My Team.

For F1 23, a new progression system allows players to level up by completing challenges. Tech Points rewarded for completing challenges unlocks car upgrades, new liveries, race suits, and helmets.

Outside of the career, a new hub known as F1 World inspired by the real-world calendar is replacing F1 22's divisive F1 Life. This new mode links multiple game modes, including Time Trial and Grand Prix for a more seamless experience.

The return of red flags for the first time since F1 2014 will also bring a new strategic element. For the first time, race distances can be set to 35 per cent. This was previously possible in esports races but not in the public F1 games.

Improved handling

The F1 engine is starting to show its age. Graphically, F1 23 hasn't evolved much as Codemasters has optimised the game for the older PS4 and Xbox One hardware. We'll probably need to wait until F1 24, which will likely be current-gen only, for a new engine and major graphical engines.

F1 23 screenshot Mercedes Miami
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Thankfully, Codemasters has made some welcome changes to the handling. Even with all that understeer, Codemasters did a great job with the 2022 cars, but F1 23 represents another step forward.

Codemasters has upgraded the handling to make the cars "more predictable" to drive. New physics also gives the cars better traction when braking, accelerating, and cornering.

Based on feedback from F1 teams, F1 23 achieves a "greater balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip," resulting in a " more realistic feel." Improvements to engine torque and inertia also make the throttle control more authentic, offering a "greater level of connection to the car."

These sound like welcome improvements after Lando Norris criticised the traction control physics in F1 2021.



F1 22 saw the introduction of cross-play to the Formula 1 franchise. Codemasters hasn't confirmed it yet, but crossplay is expected to return in F1 23.

F1 22 Eliminaton Event menu
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A welcome change is a new safety rating system linking online and offline play. As well as encouraging clean racing, this system also helps pair like-minded drivers for a better online racing experience. Whether this safety system is as in-depth as iRacing remains to be seen.

Online lobbies can be notoriously unstable right after launch in this franchise, so we hope those problems don't rear their ugly head again.

New tracks

F1 23 brings two new circuits from the 2023 calendar in the form of the Las Vegas Street Circuit and the Losail International Circuit in Qatar. Despite limited time to recreate the track, the Las Vegas circuit will be in F1 23 at launch, rather than a post-launch update. This was also the case for F1 22's Miami circuit.

Losail will also be available to race in F1 23 at launch. While Losail is new for Codemasters, F1 used it in 2020 as a substitute track and it is a motorsport staple with an annual MotoGP race.

F1 23 screenshot Alpine Monaco
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Legacy tracks return

F1 23 also sees the return of three legacy tracks: Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimão (Portugal). All three tracks will be available at launch, despite not featuring in the 2023 calendar.

Shanghai and Portimao were added to F1 22 after launch in free updates, but fans won't have to wait this time. Hopefully this will pave the way for more classic circuits to return in F1 23 after launch.

Season calendar

The original 24-race calendar has been trimmed to 23 with the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Race Track Location
1Sakhir International CircuitBahrain
2Jeddah Corniche CircuitSaudi Arabia
3Albert Park CircuitAustralia
4Baku City CircuitAzerbaijan
5Miami International AutodromeMiami, USA
7Circuit de MonacoMonaco
8Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaSpain
9Circuit Gilles VilleneuveCanada
10Red Bull RingAustria
11SilverstoneGreat Britain
16Marina BaySingapore
18Lusail International CircuitQatar
19COTAAustin, USA
20Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezMexico
22Las Vegas Street CircuitLas Vegas, USA
23Yas MarinaAbu Dhabi

F1 23 achievement and trophy list

If you're a trophy or achievement hunter, F1 23 has a lot of replay value. There are 50 PlayStation trophies and 49 Xbox trophies to unlock - you can find the full F1 23 achievement and trophy list here.

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