F1 23 PS5: Release date, gameplay, DualSense, PS4 version & more

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F1 23 will be released later this year on multiple systems including the PS5. This year's 2023 Formula 1 game will bring new circuits, drivers and a whole lot more to the series.

Here's everything you need to know about F1 23 on the PlayStation 5.


F1 23 PS5

There's no getting away from how impressive the PS5 is as a console. The PlayStation 5 can run F1 22 in 4K picture quality and 60 fps. The same will likely be true for F1 23 when it launches this summer.

Whichever edition of F1 23 you buy for the PS5, you'll have plenty of content to enjoy. With the full 2023 Formula 1 season, all of the drivers, teams and cars, as well as a rumoured return of Braking Point and a whole lot more.

F1 23 PS5

With other notable features such as F1 Life, Formula 2 and the incredible My Team Career Mode too, this will provide great racing gaming entertainment for hours on end.

F1 23 PS5 release date

We don't have a release date for F1 23 just yet, but looking back to F1 22's release date can give us a very good idea of what to expect.


F1 22 was released on 1st July last year, and we expect F1 23 to be released in either late June or early July this year. Those who pre-order the Legendary Edition may get a few days of early access too.

F1 23 PS5 price

When the announcement trailer for F1 23 goes live, you'll be able to pre-order F1 23. That should be around April and we expect the standard version to cost £69.99.

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The Champions Edition, on the other hand, will likely cost £79.99 and could give three days of early access.

Bonus content in the F1 22 Champions Edition included Miami-Themed Content, the F1 Life Starter Pack, F1 22 New Era Content, new My Team icons, and 18,000 PitCoins.

With Las Vegas joining the calendar in 2023, we could get some bonus content based around that included with its Champions Edition.


PS5 features

Loading times are a thing of the past with the PS5, as its lightning-fast SSD means that you get out of the garage and onto the track faster than ever before.

PS5 DualSense

Features such as 3D audio and the adaptive triggers & haptic feedback from the DualSense controller will make you feel like you're in the game like never before.

Trophy list

For players who want an extra challenge, F1 22 had 51 PlayStation trophies including the Platinum trophy. This is pretty standard for a full game, so F1 23's should be similar to the F1 22 trophy list.

F1 22 F1 Life trophies
F1 22 will have 51 PlayStation trophies to collect.

PS5 racing wheels

When a controller pad won't cut it, you can level up by using a racing wheel on your PS5. As the PS5 continues to mature, more wheel manufacturers are making hardware specifically for it.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a stellar piece of kit that delivers direct drive, table-mounting, and high-quality performance for PlayStation racers.

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If you're looking for something a little cheaper, the Thrustmaster T248 is a perfect choice.

What about the PS4?

One of the biggest question marks around F1 23 on PlayStation is about its last-gen system, the PS4. F1 22 was launched on both PS5 and PS4, but will that be the same 12 months on?

F1 22 PlayStation 5

Well, it's not clear what Codemasters' and EA's plans are. There will be a point when last-gen is ditched, but EA's latest games like FIFA 23 have also been released on PS4, so it might not be just yet.

However, EA's most recently released racing game, Need for Speed Unbound wasn't released on last-gen. So, we might've already seen the last PS4 Formula 1 game.