F1 23 Editions: Here's what you get in the Champions Edition

The wait for the F1 23 reveal is finally over. This year's F1 game is arriving earlier than usual in mid-June, but which F1 23 editions will be available?

Like last year's game, there are multiple F1 23 editions you can buy. Each edition has different bonus content and release dates.

Here's everything you need to know about the differences between the F1 23 editions you can buy.

Latest news - F1 23 editions revealed

EA has finally revealed F1 23, confirming the different editions you can buy. Like last year's game, there will be a Standard and Champions Edition, with the latter giving you access to the game three days early.

Braking Point is also back, with Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler returning from F1 2021. This time, you'll be racing for the fictional Konnersport Racing team with Butler as your teammate.

F1 23 will also boast improved physics with "more predictable" car handling and "greater realism to pad-play" and red flags are returning. There's also a new hub called F1 World replacing F1 22's F1 Life.

Happily, the new Las Vegas street circuit will be available at launch along with Qatar and three legacy circuits: Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimao (Portugal).

Standard Edition

As with last year's game, there are two F1 23 editions: the Standard and Champions Edition. Each F1 23 edition has different pre-order bonus content, cover art and release dates.

Let's start with the base game, which is branded as the Standard Edition. This version of the game is available physically or digitally depending on your preference.

F1 23 Standard Edition
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If you pre-order, the F1 23 Standard Edition comes with the F1 World Starter Pack and 5000 PitCoin as pre-order bonuses. Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris star on the Standard Edition cover.

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If you're wondering about the price, the 2022 Standard Edition retails for £59.99/$69.99 on Steam. Console prices are yet to be confirmed.

F1 22 screenshot Alfa Romeo
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EA has also confirmed F1 23 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, despite other racing franchises like Need for Speed abandoning last-gen platforms. We expect the PS4 and Xbox One versions to retail for £59.99.

Champions Edition

Like last year, F1 23 is getting a deluxe version called the Champions Edition. One of the main perks is you can access the game three days early on 13 June ahead of the general release on 16 June.

F1 23 Champions Edition with Max Verstappen cover art
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In addition to that, the F1 23 Champions Edition includes time-limited Las Vegas content, Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack, Braking Point 2 Icons and Vanity Item Pack, as well as Dual Entitlement. This means you can upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S game at no cost if you own the PS4 or Xbox One version.

You also get four new My Team Icons, an XP Boost, F1 World Bumper Pack, and 18,000 PitCoin. All these extras bump the Champions Edition price up to £79.99/€89.99 on Steam. Console pricing is yet to be confirmed.

While Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel graced F1 22's Champion Edition cover, Max Verstappen is the only cover star this year as part of the Dutch driver's partnership with EA Sports for the 2023 season.

Release Date

F1 23 will release on 16 June on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store and Steam. This is slightly earlier than before as previous Codemasters F1 games were released around late June or early July.

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