F1 23 Editions: Early access, bonus content & more

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With the hype already ramping up ahead of the real-life season, we take a look at the different editions of F1 23.

The official 2023 Formula 1 game will carry on from the success of F1 22 last year.


So, which versions will be available? And which should you buy this Summer?

Standard Edition

We'll start with the base game, which is branded as the Standard Edition. This is the version you'll be able to pick up at any time, but pre-ordering it will likely earn you a few bonuses.


F1 22's Standard Edition came with 5,000 PitCoins, as well as the F1 New Era Content and F1 Life Starter pack. We expect something similar to be included for the F1 23 Standard Edition too.

If you're wondering about the price, the 2022 standard edition retailed for £49.99 on PC, £59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, and £69.99 for the PS5 and Series X | S.

We don't expect the prices to change for 2023, although it's possible that the PS4 and Xbox One versions could be dropped from the franchise.


Champions Edition

The Champions Edition was F1 22's premium special edition. In addition to the aforementioned content, the Champions Edition included three days of early access as well as significant add-ons from release day.

These included the new MyTeam Icons as well as Dual Entitlement. Dual Entitlement means that Xbox and PlayStation gamers could enjoy F1 22 on both old and next-gen with a single purchase.


Lastly, the Champions Edition also added another 13k PitCoins to your account, on top of the 5k you got for the Standard Edition.

Release Date and Trailer

We'll find out which editions of F1 23 will be available for racing gamers before too long.

That will come when the announcement trailer drops, which will also reveal the title's release date and any landmark features, such as the return of Braking Point.


For reference, the announcement trailer for F1 22 was released on 21 April, with the game launching on 1 July. We predict it'll be a similar timescale for F1 23, and you can check out the Annonce Trailer for F1 22 below: