F1 23 Release Date: Early access, reveal trailer, news & more

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The new year is here and all eyes are on the F1 23 release date.

While currently unannounced, we know that Codemasters will be continuing their successful Formula 1 franchise in 2023.


The F1 23 release date is still shrouded in mystery, but maybe we can clear some things up!

F1 23 release date

Codemasters has settled into a late June/early July release window for the Formula 1 series, but when does F1 23 come out?

Last year's title hit shelves on 1 July, with F1 2021 arriving on 16 July. There was some early access for players, but these were the official release dates.


It's a good spot as there is enough data for Codemasters to set driver & team performance appropriately and see what teams have done with any regulation changes over the winter.

However, it's not that ideal as the season is already halfway through by the time the game comes out.

We expect the F1 23 release date to be around 7 July 2023.

Early access

Of course, there is likely to be a way to play a bit earlier than this date.

F1 22 Brazil

Last season the Champions Edition gave players three days early access, and that formula is typical for Codemasters titles as well as EA Sports games.

We fully expect a premium edition of some sort that will provide early access, along with some additional PitCoins, liveries, and other benefits.

Could it be any earlier?

The F1 franchise is out of step with the rest of EA Sports' major titles in that it releases a long way into the season it replicates, rather than quickly after or just before the start of it.

It's been a few years since EA acquired Codies and we haven't see too many major influences on the title, but one could be a push to bring the game forward within the season.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi

This would be welcome for fans, as F1 22 is now officially out of date with the sport, as 2023 sees new drivers, team sponsors, and car regulations to contest with.


So could a small push happen this year followed by an even larger one for F1 24? Maybe. It would certainly stretch Codemasters, but even hitting the end of May would be a big improvement for fans.