F1 23: Konnersport car launches as F1 23's first trailer hits

At long, long last win finally have some solid information about F1 23. It's come later than usual, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Codemasters has dropped a stunning announcement trailer for their new Formula 1 game, marking the return of the beloved Braking Point along with a whole host of further details.

Let's see exactly what Codemasters gave us in their first trailer for F1 23.

Braking Point 2.0

The teaser that dropped yesterday was an introduction stinger for Konnersport Racing, a new fictional team. Perhaps the most important part of it though was the title sponsor, Butler Global.

F1 23's teaser for Konnersport Racing
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Fans have been throwing around theories for the last 24 hours, and Codemasters has given us answers, or at least some answers.

The reveal video took the style of an F1 pre-season car launch, which is certainly impressive to see. The trailer confirmed that Devon Butler is back as a driver for Connersport Racing, with his name also attached as a sponsor.

This is a cool bit of mirroring from real life where drivers like Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi who got their spots in F1 thanks to the sponsors they were able to bring along with them.

Devon Butler's phone in to Konnersport Racing's car launch
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Butler was the cocky antagonist in F1 2019 and F1 2021, so to see him back is really great.

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While all the talk was about Devon Butler, we did once again see Aiden Jackson's #89 flash on the screen, which could well mean that he is returning as Butler's teammate for Braking Point this year.

Official reveal

This trailer marks just the start of F1 23's official reveal period. The reveal video finishes saying that "Official reveal - begins May 1". That's next Monday, a bank holiday here in the UK, which is certainly odd timing from Codemasters, who are also based in the UK.

We should expect more announcements in the coming days and weeks about this game, as EA and Codemasters take a different approach to launching this year's game.

F1 23 release date

We unfortunately didn't get an official F1 23 release date from this trailer. Racers everywhere want to know when they can jump into the game on, but Codemasters is keeping that under wraps for now.

We can expect the Premium Edition to come with three days early access though, letting players get on the track ahead of the rest.

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