F1 23 Braking Point: Will story mode return to the F1 franchise?

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Everyone is looking forward to F1 23 but will we see Braking Point make a glorious return after a year away?

F1 2021 featured a wonderful story mode where players took Aiden Jackson to F2 glory and then navigated races and relationships in his rookie Formula 1 season while he chased a seat with Mercedes.


As expected, the story mode disappeared for F1 22, but it should be back for F1 23.

F1 23 Braking Point

Codemasters' dual development system means they have two teams making games, one for odd years and one for even. The odd-year team is the one that introduced some story with F1 2019's Feeder Series.

That F2 journey introduced Devon Butler and Lukas Weber to players, characters that were carried over into F1 2021's Braking Point.

Aiden Jackson in F1 2021's Braking Point

The story of Aiden Jackson and his clash with veteran teammate Casper Akkerman was a fun tale, but will it carry over to F1 23?

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We left Jackson as he was getting his promotion to Mercedes, echoing the real-life journey of George Russell.

So does that mean that Jackson's story is complete? Well, only partially. We still have titles to win.

That means we could be going back to Jackson to complete his arc and beat Devon Butler to a world title.

But it could also mean a new story is coming with new characters. As great as Butler has been for the F1 games (and memes), it might be time to move on and build some new personalities out.

Why do we expect a story mode?

Codemasters is yet to announce anything about F1 23, so why do we expect a Braking Point style story mode this year?


Well, as we mentioned Codemasters has two teams working on alternate years of the game. Story mode is something that requires time to craft, with cut scenes, scripts, voice-acting, motion capture and more all required.

But it is also something that players actively missed in F1 22. They wanted something more engaging than just another My Team or Career Mode march to the front.

With F1 22 being so close to F1 2021 in terms of single-player offering, but lacking the story, it really was a step back for many players.


As a result, we fully expect some form of story mode to feature in F1 23!