F1 23 Trailer: Latest deep dive trailer lifts the lid on Braking Point 2 and F1 World

The wait for the F1 23 reveal is finally over. After months of waiting, the first proper F1 23 trailer is finally here.

With F1 22 leaving players wanting, the anticipation for the next game is high. Codemasters & EA have a lot to live up to, and thanks to F1 Manager 2023 they no longer have the only major Formula 1 licence in town either.

With new and improved handling plus the return of Braking Points and red flags, F1 23 looks set to surpass last year's game.

You can watch the F1 23 trailer and deep dive videos right here.

Latest news - Second deep dive showcases Braking Point 2 and F1 World

After a delay due to flooding at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the second F1 23 deep dive trailer has lifted the lid on Braking Point 2 and F1 World.

Along with returning characters Aiden Jackson and Aiden Butler, Braking Point 2 introduces Callie Mayer, the newly crowned F2 Champion who is also the younger sister of Devon Butler. Decisions you make on the track and in press interviews will affect the course of the storyline.

We also got a closer look at F1 World. Replacing F1 22's divisive F1 Life, F1 World serves as the central hub combining single-player and multiplayer modes. You can also view daily, weekly and seasonal events as well as unlock car upgrades with Tech Points by completing objectives.

F1 23 gameplay shown off in first deep dive

While last week's announcement trailer was entirely CGI, the latest deep dive video gives us a first look at F1 23 gameplay footage.

F1 23 Las Vegas screenshot
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Narrated by Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham, the video gives more insight into F1 23's innovations.

Driving will feel different to last year, with "more predictable and authentic vehicle behaviour" for acceleration, braking and rotation. Pad players will also have finer control thanks to Codemasters' new Precision Drive technology, as shown in a comparison between F1 22 and F1 23.

The deep dive also shows how the red flag system will monitor track conditions to determine whether to deploy a safety car, virtual safety car or red flag stopping the race. Red flags can be triggered by crashes, cars retiring in unsafe positions on track, or even extreme rain.

We also get a first look at the new Las Vegas circuit, built from the ground up from Codemasters from thousands of reference photographs.

Tune in on 19 May for the next deep dive, which focuses on Braking Point 2 and F1 World.

F1 23 trailer reveal

We knew it was coming, and at precisely 3 May 4 pm BST, the first F1 23 trailer arrived following the unusual teaser trailer focusing on the Konnersport Racing team.

There's no gameplay sadly as the reveal trailer primarily focuses on the new Braking Point story mode. Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler are back, this time racing as teammates for the struggling Konnersport Racing team.

Unlike GRID Legends, the cut scenes are CGI rather than live-action. This was also the case for F1 22. Braking Point 2 will introduce new characters and it looks like there will be lots of drama and rivalries.

We also get a brief look at the new lavish Las Vegas track, while Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc make appearances.

Teaser trailer

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Before the reveal trailer, EA released an extended first teaser trailer for F1 23. Unusually, it took the form of a car launch for the fictional Konnersport Racing, hinting at the return of Braking Point.

The trailer confirmed that Devon Butler is back as a driver for Konnersport, and flashed up the #89 as well, which was Aiden Jackson's number in F1 2021.

F1 23 features

We know that Braking Point is back, but what else can we expect in F1 23?

F1 23 Braking Point
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The handling is getting an overhaul and there is also a new progression system in the career mode where you unlock car upgrades, liveries, race suits, and helmets by completing challenges.

The new Las Vegas circuit is also confirmed for launch along with Qatar and three legacy circuits: Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai (China), and Portimão (Portugal).

F1 23 Mercedes Miami
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F1 22's F1 Life is replaced with F1 World, a new hub inspired by the real-world calendar that links multiple game modes together including Time Trial and Grand Prix.

Red flags are finally returning for the first time since F1 2014 while the online multiplayer is updated with a new safety rating system to encourage cleaner racing.

Release date

F1 23 releases on 16 June across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam. That's much earlier than usual as F1 22 released on 1 July last year.

Players who pre-order the Champions Edition will get access three days earlier on 13 June.

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