F1 23 Pre-Order: Price, bonuses, early access & more

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We're getting closer and closer to the start of the F1 23 season, so when will pre-orders go live for the game?

It shouldn't be long now, but which date should you mark in your calendar?


We've got everything you need to know about F1 23 Pre-orders right here!

F1 23 Pre-Order

F1 23 pre-orders aren't available yet. They should go live when the game's announcement trailer is released, which is normally around mid to late April.


Pre-ordering will earn you 5,000 PitCoins on the Standard Edition and 18k for those that splash out on the Champions Edition. This will get players enough PitCoins to buy the VIP Podium Pass when Series 1 starts.

Pre-ordering F1 22 also got you a starter pack for F1 Life, so we could see something similar for F1 23. Also listed on the pre-order benefits of F1 22 was its New Era Content.

F1 23 Pre-order

The Champions Edition will also likely offer three days of era access and dual entitlement for those buying on PlayStation and Xbox. All those who pre-order as well, get a 10% discount on EA Play Membership.



F1 23 will probably follow the same pricing structure as F1 22. After games jumped up in price last year, we don't see them getting another price hike 12 months on.

The Standard Edition was £59.99 on Xbox One and PS4 via their digital stores, and £49.99 on Steam. Those wanting to play on Series X or PS5 will have to fork out £69.99 for the standard edition.

F1 23 PS5

The Champions Edition will set you back £69.99 on Steam and £79.99 on PlayStation and Xbox.

It's not overly clear whether F1 23 will also launch on Xbox One and PS4, as EA have started to move away from the old-gen hardware.