F1 23 My Team: Engines, drivers, activities, & more

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A new year brings a Formula 1 game and a new season of My Team for F1 23.

My Team allows you to become the eleventh team on the Formula 1 grid. Your team is fully customisable and this game mode has received universal acclaim since it was introduced.


What could be on the cards for F1 23 though? We've got everything you need to know right here!

F1 23 My Team

We're going to presume that the foundations of My Team won't change much from last year. You'll start by choosing how far up the grid you want to start.

You'll have three options, either Newcomer, Midfield Challenger or Championship Contender. Each comes with varying expectations for the season, as well as different amounts of money to invest.

What you choose to opt for is entirely down to you, there is no wrong or right answer here.


Assuming that the pecking order won't change too much for 2023, you could either start at the back (Williams, AlphaTauri & Haas), Midfield (McLaren, Alpine, Alfa Romeo & Aston Martin) or the front (Ferrari, Mercedes & Red Bull).

F1 22 My Team

The higher up the grid you start, the more money and resource points you'll have available to you from the start. You'll also have better drivers to choose from when it comes to your second driver, thanks to your increased reputation.

Sponsors & engines

Your choice of sponsor is one of the most important in F1 23. Each has their different expectations, investment and bonus rewards.

The higher the expectation of the sponsors, the more money you can earn from it for the team. It's a high-stakes gamble, but if you choose the right one, you'll be very well rewarded.

F1 22 My Team sponsors

Again, this is down to personal choice, but we always recommend going with an aspirational sponsor. This is due to the season being long, and achieving a podium, for example, at some point, is very possible.

Next up, you've got your engine supplier. Just like in F1 22, there will be four to choose from; Renault, Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari.

Given how the 2022 season went, we expect the Red Bull to be the best engine, with Ferrari and Mercedes around equal second. Renault will still probably be the worst option in terms of overall performance.

It's not just about speed though, but reliability too. Over a 23-race calendar, making three power units last the distance is incredibly difficult. Failing to do so will mean you face grid penalties in the latter part of the season.

Keep in mind the overall cost as well, as a cheaper engine will leave you with more money to play with when it comes to your facilities and second driver.

Not bad for a number two driver

It takes two to tango in a Formula 1 team and you'll need to pick a second driver for your outfit at the start of the game. On release day, you'll have the 2022 Formula 2 grid to choose from, and there are some great options here.


Given their performance levels in 2022, the likes of Felipe Drugovich, Jack Doohan, Theo Pourchaire and Liam Lawson should be the best choices to start a team.

F1 22 My Team

While these drivers do have associations with F1 teams (Drugovich, for example, is the Aston reserve driver) this doesn't matter when it comes to choosing one.

While stopping you signing drivers with an F1 association would make the game more realistic, it's unlikely to come in, as this would lock over half the grid away from you.

Unfortunately, Logan Sargent won't be one of these options, as he's signed for Williams in real life. The same is true for 2021 F2 Champion Oscar Piastri, as he's been signed by for McLaren for 2023.

Starting your journey

After you've chosen your power unit, sponsors and second driver, it's time to dive into the new facilities you now call home.


In F1 22, there were four areas on the car to improve. These were the Aerodynamics, Power Unit, Chassis and Durability.

In general, upgrades to the Power Unit improved your straight-line speed, the Chassis improved your slow-speed cornering, Aerodynamics improved high-speed cornering and Durability improved your components' lifespan.

If the F1 23 default My Team car is similar to the F1 22 car then it will need improvements in every area of the car. It's best to choose the upgrades that are best to complete at that time.

All-round upgrades are best, as being great in one area but average in others doesn't make for a car which is good around most circuits.

Something that is often overlooked by My Team players are the Activities. While they may seem trivial, they do improve your team in areas such as morale and efficiency.

Before advancing time to the next race, be sure to fill your days with events to give your team the boost they need. You can do this automatically as well by selecting Auto-fill (Square on PS, X on Xbox).

Driver Perks

Something else which many players overlook are the Driver Perks. You can find them by pressing Y on Xbox (Triangle on PS) within the contracts section in the Corporate tab.

We found that the Development Feedback perk was the best one to go with at first in F1 22. For $1.7m, you will see an increase of 10% to your Resource Point production, which will make a huge difference over the season.

Quick practice

One last thing that deserves a mention is Quick Practice. The F1 game is brilliant, but it isn't something you can play quickly when you're a busy person.


To make the fastest sport on Earth go a little quicker, you can opt for Quick Practices. These will give you the chance to achieve your goals in Practice without having to go to the circuit itself.

The AI will simulate your drivers trying to pass the Practice Programmes and depending on their stats and form, they may take a few attempts to pass.

The downside to this is that, especially in your first season, you'll want to learn the circuits for yourself before qualifying and the race. As the saying goes, there's no substitute for hard work and that's definitely true in F1!