F1 23 Career Mode: Teams, Drivers, Tracks, Development & more

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The 2023 Formula 1 season is almost upon us and we can't wait to start our Career Mode journey in F1 23!

EA and Codemasters will continue their official Formula 1 game series this Summer. What can we expect in the way of new features though? We've got everything you need to know right here!


F1 23 Career Mode

Career Mode is the bread and butter of the Formula 1 game. Until the introduction of My Team, it was by far the most popular game mode in the F1 game.

Career Mode is still very popular, as this is the only way to become the head of your favourite real-life Formula 1 team.

F1 23 Career Mode

So, what's set to be new this year?

Well, given that we don't have any official word from the developers yet, it's hard to say. Although it's not a Career Mode announcement, the re-introduction of Braking Point into the franchise has been hinted at.

2023 F1 Calendar

Something we can say for sure is that the full 23-race calendar will be included in F1 23. Both the Lusail Circuit in Qatar and the Las Vegas Street Circuit will make their debuts in the Formula 1 game.

F1 23 Aston Martin

This is the largest and most expansive schedule in F1's history. On the team's front, the same ten outfits will take to the grid again in 2023, although the drivers that are representing them have changed significantly.

Practice programmes

Practice makes perfect in Formula 1 and you'll begin in your racing weekends there. Career Mode makes full use of the system, including Quick Practice for those that don't have much time to spare.

We haven't seen much change in recent years to the practice system, so F1 23 could see new practice programmes introduced.

Every year brings more realistic representations of the real-life circuits in the game. With two new tracks for 2023, we'll be interested to see how in-depth both of these circuits are in F1 23.

F1 23 My Team

What also could see a revamp is the weather system.


This has been at the forefront of racing gaming innovation ever since Codemasters started developing the system back in 2010, and there's no reason for it to change here.

Adaptive AI 2.0

Every season brings an improvement in how the AI-controller cars conduct themselves out on track. Each iteration of the F1 game brings with it AI that is more challenging and more realistic than the last.

F1 23 PS5

F1 22 brought with it "Adaptive AI" and it was a marked improvement over F1 2021. There's no reason why F1 23 won't build further upon thi and it could be dubbed "Adaptive AI 2.0".

Broadcast refresh

Something that could definitely do with some improvement for F1 23 is the representation of the TV coverage within the game.


Anthony Davidson and David Croft are a part of the real-life Sky F1 coverage in the UK, but that's where the realism ends. The two commentators sound very robotic and their limited dialogue loses its novelty after a handful of races.

F1 23 Xbox

The overall presentation could also use some work, especially after what F1 Manager 2022 showed what is possible when it comes to emulating the real-life broadcasts.

F1 23 release date

We don't know what F1 23's release date is just yet. We can expect it to be revealed during the game's announcement trailer though, which normally releases in mid to late-April.

F1 23 Alpine

For comparison, F1 22's release date was 28th June and we see little reason for F1 23 to deviate from this. A release date around there this season will place launch day sometime between the Canadian and Austrian Grands Prix.