F1 22 PS5: Release date, graphics, gameplay, DualSense & more

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This year is full of exceptional games, but one of our most anticipated is the F1 22 PS5 version.

If you are lucky enough to have a PS5 already then you will know what it's like, but if not you should have plenty of time to get your hands on one before F1 22 arrives.

Let's take a look at what we can expect from the next Codemasters title on Sony's most powerful console ever.

Latest news - F1 22 review

F1 22 is finally here and you can read our full F1 22 review here.

Final F1 22 car models revealed

With just one week until release, Codemasters has revealed the final F1 22 car models. Based on the redesigned cars in the 2022 F1 season, F1 22's new cars will boast improved aerodynamics and larger tyres and wheels, making them heavier to drive.

F1 22 Alfa Romeo
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F1 22's cars will feel noticeably heavier to drive in line with the new 2022 F1 regulations.

F1 Life hands-on preview

F1 Life is one of F1 22's most intriguing new modes. We've gone hands-on with F1 22's new lifestyle simulator to find out if it lives up to the hype and how the supercars handle compared to games like Gran Turismo.

First look at F1 22 in gameplay Features Trailer

The latest F1 22 trailer has landed, offering the most revealing look yet at this year's F1 game.

Codemasters and EA have finally shown off the new F1 Life social hub and we also get a first look at the new broadcast features, accessibility options, and much more.

F1 22 hands-on preview reveals new details

F1 22 is fast approaching. Ahead of July's release, we've been testing an early preview build of the game to find out if it lives up. Check out our preview coverage for more details on how the cars handle, changes to My Team, and the new F1 Life mode.

After much speculation, we can also confirm that crossplay is coming to F1 22 in a post-launch update.

Miami GP gameplay

We were given special access to a preview build of F1 22 and got to go racing around the brand new Miami circuit!


F1 22 PS5 release date

Now that EA has revealed F1 22, we know the PS5 version will release on 1 July.

f1 2021 spa
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If you can't wait until then, the Champions Edition provides three days early access. This means you can play F1 22 on 28 June with the Champions Edition.

F1 22 PS5 price

You can preorder the PS5 version of F1 22 on the PlayStation Store. The standard version costs £69.99 and includes the F1 Life Starter Pack, F1 22 New Era Content, and 5,000 PitCoin.

The Champions Edition, on the other hand, costs £79.99 and gives three days early access.

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Bonus content in the Champions Edition includes Miami-Themed Content, the F1 Life Starter Pack, F1 22 New Era Content, new My Team icons, and 18,000 PitCoin.

The F1 22 PS5 Champions Edition also includes the PS4 version of F1 22.

PS5 features

Loading in and out of tracks, menus, and modes is a frustration for racers. Thankfully, the PS5 has done away with a lot of the waiting around.

The lightning-fast SSD in the PS5 means that you get out of the garage and onto the track faster than ever before, while features like 3D audio and the adaptive triggers & haptics feedback from the DualSense controller will make you feel like you're in the game like never before.

PS5 DualSense
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FEEL EVERYTHING: The DualSense brings a kind of force feedback to controller players

We also fully expect the game to run at 4K & 60fps from day one on the PS5, but this is not confirmed yet. There will likely also graphics and performance mode. Performance mode will lock in that 60fps at 4K but drop things like water effects while graphics mode will give a more detailed and real life picture but at 30fps.

Trophy list

For players who want an extra challenge, F1 22 will have 51 PlayStation trophies including a Platinum trophy. You can find the full F1 22 trophy list here.

F1 22 F1 Life trophies
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F1 22 will have 51 PlayStation trophies to collect.

PS5 wheels

Perhaps best of all, is that more and more wheel manufacturers are making hardware specifically for the PS5. With Gran Turismo 7 also arriving this year it's a great time to be a racing gamer.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a stellar piece of kit that delivers direct drive, table-mounting, and high-quality performance for PlayStation racers. If you're looking for something a little cheaper then the Thrustmaster T248 is a perfect choice.

GT DD PRO Detail 08 1280x1280
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THE REAL DEAL: The GT DD Pro bundle is perhaps the best deal on the sim racing market right now

Controller play will still be extremely viable in F1 22, but there has never been a better time to get a wheel!

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