F1 Life FIRST LOOK: Features trailer shows off new social hub

The countdown to F1 22 has truly begun as the features trailer arrives!

With it we got a first look at F1 Life, supercars, and a lot more too.

Let's dive in for a full breakdown!

F1 Life stars

The biggest thing we got from today's trailer is F1 Life.

This new feature is set to act as a social hub and multiplayer lobby for F1 22. It is where players can show off their supercars, apparel, and trophies.

There is a huge amount of personalisation and customisation that can take place here.

Players will start their journey from F1 Life, and can see friends' avatars and collections too.

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We got flashes of brands such as Sparco, Beats, and Puma that players will be able to kit their avatar out in. As well as footage of Aston Martin, Mercedes, and McLaren supercars sliding their way around F1 tracks!

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My Team

My Team is back for a third season with some huge new enhancements.

There are deeper and more complicated decisions to be made this year, along with new options for department development.

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Race day redefined

We already knew about this, but Codemasters has given us a good look at the new features for race day.

From the option for interactive or broadcast formation laps to driving into your pitbox and new chances for pit stop mistakes, F1 22 is set to be more realistic than ever before.

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There is also adaptive AI to keep AI drivers closer to new players, letting them battle hard and enjoy racing!

New My Team Icons

We expected fresh Icons to be added to F1 22, and Codemasters has delivered.

A trio of former F1 drivers will be available in My Team. They are Nico Hulkenberg, Mark Webber, and 1997 World Drivers' Champion Jacques Villeneuve!

We can't wait to see their ratings. We suspect Villeneuve will be the highest rated of the three, with Webber next and then Hulkenberg.

F1 22 release date

F1 22 arrives on 1 July on PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Early access is available via the Champions Edition, allowing players to start their F1 journey from 28 June.

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