F1 22 Xbox: Release date, graphics, gameplay & more

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2022 is full of amazing racing games, but perhaps the best racing game will be the F1 22 Xbox version.

If you are lucky enough to have an Xbox Series X already then you will know just how powerful the console is, but if not you should have plenty of time set up Stock Informer alerts and grab one before F1 2022 arrives.

Let's take a look at what we can expect from Codemasters new F1 game on Microsoft's most powerful console ever.

Latest news - Final F1 22 car models revealed

While early screenshots and videos showed work-in-progress assets, the latest F1 22 screenshots show the final car models for the first time based on the redesigned cars in the 2022 season.

F1 22 final car models Mercedes Ferrari
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F1 22's cars are redesigned based on the new 2022 season regulations.

Hands-on with F1 Life and supercars

F1 22 is nearly here. As we get closer to release, we've played an early preview of F1 Life and taken F1 22's supercars for a spin to find out how they handle compared to games like Gran Turismo.

You can find out our first impressions of F1 Life in our hands-on preview video below.

F1 22 Features Trailer gives first look at F1 Life

As the countdown to F1 22 continues, Codemasters and EA have released a brand new gameplay Features Trailer. With it, we finally get a first look at the F1 Life mode and driveable supercars, plus new footage of the formation laps, sprint races, and the updated My Team mode.

F1 22 hands-on preview reveals new details

We've been given an early hands-on preview of F1 22! With new regulations, the new-generation cars feel noticeably heavier and are more challenging to drive.

We also spoke with Senior Creative Director Lee Mather to find out new details about the revamped My Team mode and F1 Life.

F1 game fans will also be happy to know that crossplay is finally confirmed for F1 22 in a post-launch update!

F1 22 gameplay

Thanks to a special preview build, we were able to go racing around the Miami Grand Prix track.

Check out our first impressions below.

F1 22 Xbox release date

Codemasters has announced F1 22 is coming to Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One.

f1 2022 car
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NEW YEAR, NEW CARS: Sweeping new regulations mean the cars will be very different in F1 22

The release date is set for 1 July for the standard version. However, the Champion Edition provides three days early access, allowing you to play F1 22 on 28 June.

F1 22 Xbox price and editions

F1 22 Xbox can be preordered on the Microsoft Store. The standard version includes the F1 Life Starter Pack, F1 22 New Era Content, and 5,000 PitCoin.

Pricing information is not available yet, but we expect the Xbox version will match the pricing of the PlayStation version. That means we can expect the Xbox Series X|S version to cost £69.99 and the Xbox One version to cost £59.99.

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The Champions Edition, on the other hand, costs £79.99 and gives three days early access.

The Champions Edition comes with a host of bonus content. This includes Miami-Themed Content, the F1 Life Starter Pack, F1 22 New Era Content, new My Team icons, and 18,000 PitCoin.

Xbox Series X|S features

The Series X doesn't really have any outstanding standalone features like say the PS5 does with the DualSense controller.

It does however, have lightning-fast load times and of course 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Perfect to get the most out of F1 2022.

On Xbox, F1 22 supports 4K resolution, HDR, 60fps, 120fps, and ray tracing. We expect these features are reserved for the Xbox Series X version, however.

You can also use the Elite 2 controller to make manual gears all the easier for controller players. There is also of course a whole range of wheels compatible with the Xbox Series X if you really want to get the most out of it...

Xbox Series X|S wheels

Every wheel manufacturer out there creates wheels that are compatible with the Xbox Series X|S.

The Thrustmaster TMX is probably the best option if you are making the move from controller to wheel and will see you good for a few years. Likewise the Logitech G923 is a good bet too.

If you have a bit more money to spend then the Fanatec CSL DD (Similar to the GT DD Pro) is an exceptional wheel that delivers far superior feel and feedback to anything Thrustmaster or Logitech can offer right now.

Achievement list

On Xbox, there are 50 F1 22 Achievements to unlock. You can find a full list of F1 22 achievements here.

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