Codemasters Gives Update on F1 23 Anti-Cheat

Codemasters Gives Update on F1 23 Anti-Cheat

Codemasters Gives Update on F1 23 Anti-Cheat

Cheating is plaguing Formula 1 league racing. From getting extra grip to increasing engine power, cheats are giving some players an unfair advantage, making for a frustrating racing experience. It's a problem that affects competitive gaming as a whole and isn't limited to F1. As a result, fans are calling for Codemasters to add an anti-cheat to F1 23.

In response, Codemasters confirmed to IGN Benelux last month that an F1 23 anti-cheat is in development. We sat down with Creative Director Lee Mather to find out the latest on F1 23’s long-requested anti-cheat.

F1 23 may use FIFA's anti-cheat technology

Mather confirmed to RacingGames that an F1 23 anti-cheat is a high priority and is still in active development.

F1 23 anti-cheat
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“We are still working very aggressively on trying to develop an anti-cheat for the series,” said Mather. He went on to say that Codemasters is “working with other teams across EA” on the cheat-prevention technology.

One of these is the team behind EA's FIFA series, now known as EA Sports FC. Last year, FIFA 23 became the first game in the long-running football franchise to gain an anti-cheat system. This was well received by the community, and F1 23 could also benefit from FIFA’s anti-cheat technology.

“We’re working closely with that team to see how that could look in Formula 1. It’s still a very high priority for us."

"The balance that we need to strike is it does its job but doesn’t impact negatively or get false positives and cause players who are going about their business properly a negative experience. It’s still something we’re pushing ahead with.”

F1 23 anti-cheat in the “prototyping phase”

Codemasters working on an F1 23 anti-cheat is welcome news after players were recently accused of cheating in major F1 esports tournaments. Unfortunately, it could be a long wait.

F1 23 anti-cheat
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Codemasters clarified F1 23’s anti-cheat is currently in the “prototyping phase” as the studio figures out how to implement the technology into the F1 series and cover all bases.

“It’s very different in every title,” Mather explained. “We’re looking at multiple prongs – this isn’t going to be a one solution fits all. There are many areas we need to cover.”

Check out the rest of our F1 23 interview where Mather that Daniel Ricciardo is coming to F1 23 and revealed how F1 World was inspired by looter shooters.

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