F1 23 Japan Setup: Online, My Team, and Career Mode settings

F1 23 Japan setup

F1 23 Japan setup

The Japanese Grand Prix never fails to deliver, and with the right setup in the F1 games, you'll master Suzuka also.

Our F1 23 Japan setup is perfect for this legendary racing circuit. With F1 24 right around the corner, now's the best time to get those final laps in ahead of this year's release.

F1 23 Japan setup

Suzuka is one of the best circuits on the F1 calendar and universally loved by fans and drivers. There's a huge amount of high-speed corners which test the cars to their limits.

Previous setups may no longer work as a result of F1 23's many updates and patches. Our updated F1 23 Japan setup is ideal for soaring around Suzuka.


We recommend 31-28 for the aerodynamic setup.

F1 23 Japan setup aerodynamics
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Despite its high speed, Suzuka still needs a lot of downforce for the high number of corners. The higher wings give that required downforce.


The transmission sets how the rear wheels rotate in relation to each other. We’ve gone with the usual 50% on-throttle differential and 52% off-throttle differential.

F1 23 Japan setup transmission
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This helps rotate the car through the corners. Spinning out is possible when throttling out of the hairpin and final chicane, so be careful on the go pedal.

Suspension geometry

We've gone for -2.60 and -1.00 for the front and rear camber respectively. This will help with the fast transitions and the slower corner entries.

F1 23 Japan setup suspension geometry
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The front and rear toe should be set to 0.01 and 0.10 respectively. This will put heat into the rubber on the rare straight sections without sacrificing tyre life.


We’ve gone for 28-10 on the suspension and 6-3 for the anti-roll bar. This gives good turn in for the medium and high-speed corners, but also provides stiffness for the speed sections.

F1 23 Japan setup suspension
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Ride height is set to 34-37, a bit above the lowest it can go. This produces a lot of grip through the corners without creating too much drag down the straights. You'll also fly up the hill towards the hairpin and 130R.


100% brake pressure is still ideal, while 55% brake bias is a good balance between front and rear for Japan.

F1 23 Japan setup brakes
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It is much easier to lock up in F1 23, so if you aren’t using ABS, and find this too much, you may need to move your braking point back a little.


We've gone for 23.3-20.5 psi for the front and rear tyre pressures respectively.

F1 23 Japan setup tyres
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This will help keep the tyres in good shape through the race while also keeping them warm enough through the long flat-out zones in the middle and final sectors.


These setups are intended for intermediate players who may still be using assists like traction control and ABS. However, if you are looking for an extra edge then you can try a few of these adjustments:

  • Decrease the wing levels by 1-3 clicks to improve top speed
    • This will make the car less capable on turn-in and less stable in high-speed direction changes
  • If the car doesn't feel like it is doing what you want on turn-in then raise the front wing a click or two
  • If the car is too loose at low speeds try moving the off-throttle differential up a point or two for more stability
  • For a more "pointy" car stiffen the front suspension & anti-roll bar in relation to the rear
    • This will make getting traction trickier
  • Don't be afraid to move brake bias during the lap. More frontward will give better performance in heavy braking zones, and a rearward for lighter braking zones
    • Lockups are easier to achieve in F1 23 than previous games. Front locking is less catastrophic than rear locking, and which way you go from our mark will increase your chances of a lockup in that direction
  • Add a click of tyre pressure for short online races to improve tyre warm-up!
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