F1 24: Everything you need to know

F1 24 Game
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24 Game
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

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The 2023 Formula 1 season has been completed, so we're already looking forward to EA Sports F1 24. What do we know so far about the 2024 F1 game, though?

Here's everything you need to know about F1 24!

Latest news - Final F1 24 deep dive showcasess improved drivers and tracks

After highlighting the physics and handling changes, new career mode, and the first gameplay footage, the final F1 24 deep dive has arrived as we approach launch day.

This final deep dive highlights the improved drivers and tracks that make F1 24 more authentic. Codemasters has given Silverstone, Spa, Qatar and Saudi Arabia a much-needed overhaul, while your favorite drivers will look more lifelike thanks to full hair rendering and improved skin and eye shaders.

You can watch the latest F1 24 deep dive below:

F1 24 release date

We now have a release date for F1 24, and unlike last year we don't have long to wait at all.

With F1 22 coming out on 1st July 2022, F1 2021 launching on 16th July 2021, and F1 2020 coming out on 10th July, we were expecting to see similar for F1 24. Instead, EA has ripped up the rulebook by aiming for earlier in the season.

F1 24 release date
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24 launches on 31 May 2024, almost two months ahead of the usual release window. This puts F1 24's launch exactly between the Monaco and Canadian Grands Prix in the real world, giving players a better chance of catching up with the real calendar.

Players who preorder the game can get three days of early access, meaning they can join the grid from 28 May 2024. Preorder bonuses also include exclusive 2024 car liveries and VIP Podium Pass rewards.

Editions, price, and pre-order bonuses

Like F1 23, two F1 24 editions will be available: the Standard and Champions Edition, with the latter offering special bonuses.

Players who pre-order the Champions Edition will receive two new Formula 1 Icons, 18,000 Pitcoin, and an F1 World Bumper Pack featuring resources for single and multiplayer gameplay events.

On top of these perks, players will also get a bonus VIP Podium pass along with early access starting on 28 May.

F1 24 Champions Edition art
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That's not all, as the Champions Edition is also adding 2024 season content to F1 23. To keep fans connected to the 2024 season before F1 24 arrives, those who pre-order the game can access new Time Trial challenges in F1 24 with selected 2024 team cars ahead of this weekend's race in Bahrain.

Those who pre-order the Standard Edition will receive 5,000 Pitcoin and an F1 World Starter Pack.

As for pricing, the Standard Edition will cost £59.99 on PC and £69.99 on PS5/Xbox Series X|S, while the Champions Edition will set you back £79.99 on PC and £89.99 on PS5/Xbox Series X|S.


F1 23 was available on all the console systems that you expected it to be, but what about F1 24? Well, just like F1 23, F1 24 will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows PC.

The main questions, though, revolve around if the game will be released on the old-gen systems. We now have official confirmation that F1 24 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

This is in spite of EA Sports WRC not being released on the last-gen systems in a move that has arguably helped the game. Therefore it's strange that F1 24 is not doing the same as well, as this will allow the developers to fully utilise the new hardware with more processing power available to them.

EA Sports FC 24
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As for PC gamers, you can find the minimum and recommended system requirements here. Like F1 23, F1 24 will support VR on PC for players who want an extra layer of immersion. Sadly, PSVR2 support is yet to be confirmed and isn't listed on the PlayStation Store.

F1 23 wasn't released on Nintendo Switch, so we expect that to be the case for F1 24 as well.

New career mode

One of the most requested features in the F1 games is a new career mode. Since My Team was introduced, career modes in F1 games have seen little innovation, with Codemasters prioritizing new modes like F1 World and Braking Point in recent entries. That's set to change in F1 24.

F1 24's Career Mode will, for the first time in the series, allow players to play out their F1 career as one of the existing 20 drivers on the grid. This is as well as being able to create their own driver to build a legacy from scratch.

F1 24 Career Mode
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As well as selecting an existing F1 driver, racers can also choose to begin their career as one of the up-and-coming F2 drivers, or even continue the legacy of their F1 hero by racing as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

Completing Contract Targets with your team will be rewarded with more favor in the team, while failure could see your teammate win favor with the team instead. This will lead to them leading car development, potentially creating a car less tailored to your driving style.

Two-player Career Mode once again returns, with the driver objectives meaning every race is a battle to be the number one driver. Players looking to dip their toes into the new Career Mode can do so via the all-new Challenge Career.

This new mode sees players jump into the shoes of an existing pre-selected driver and compete in a mini-season. This is the perfect introduction before players jump into a full 24-race calendar career.

My Team

The fan-favorite My Team mode will return in F1 24, once again allowing you to create and manage your own team and race to victory.

Although Codemasters has primarily focused on career mode this year, F1 24's My Team mode will feature two new racing icons: former World Champion James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya. Both are exclusive to the Champions Edition.


We've been given our first look at the gameplay coming in F1 24. The gameplay trailer shows off the new visuals and audio in the game this year.

Despite remaining on the EGO engine, F1 24's visuals have still received an upgrade compared to F1 23. The lighting, shadows, and reflections have received an overhaul, giving every circuit a much-needed facelift.

F1 24 gameplay
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This is down to the new Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination software being used for F1 24. This ensures that even the EGO engine used in F1 2015 almost ten years ago can make the game look good this year.

We've also had our first true look at the 2024 F1 cars featuring in F1 24. Precise CAD modeling software has been utilized to make sure each car represents its real-world counterpart as closely as possible. When players hit the track, they’ll be driving some of the most accurate digital recreations of F1 cars ever seen.

Finally, the trailer shows off three of the four circuits that have seen overhauls this year. Silverstone, Spa, and Qatar are all seen in their new appearances, with each now more closely matching the real-world circuit.

We also get a taste of the new driver radio coming to the game. Featuring real driver messages taken from actual F1 TV broadcasts, players can immerse themselves in the world of F1 with drivers reacting to incidents as they happen on track.


Alongside the revamped career mode, F1 World has also been expanded with a new Fanzones mode. This sees players "align with their favorite team and driver" in Podium Pass seasons, competing in time-limited leagues against rival teams.

F1 24 fanzone
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More authentic handling

Codemasters continues to refine the handling model in the official F1 games, and F1 24 is no exception. F1 24 boasts the brand new EA Sports Dynamic Handling system.

F1 24 improved handling
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All-new suspension kinematics, an upgraded tyre model, advanced aerodynamic simulation, and new engine and car setup options open the door to a range of possibilities when out on track.

The new handling model has been created with the help of EA Sports ambassador and three-time F1 world champion Max Verstappen. This ensures that the handling will be the most realistic F1 fans have ever seen.


You can enjoy a first glimpse at F1 24 in action in the reveal trailer below:

F1 24 driver ratings prediction

We've had a go at predicting the driver ratings for the entire F1 24 grid. With Max Verstappen definitely taking the crown again this year, could there be any surprises with the new ratings?

F1 24 driver ratings predictions
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From the top five showing some switches, to the bottom of the grid remaining largely the same, we here at Racing Games believe there is still potential for some significant movement before F1 24 is released.

A new engine?

With F1 23 being teased as a "fresh start," fans were hoping last year's game would get an upgraded engine to improve the graphical fidelity. This wasn't the case, however, as F1 23 ran on Codemasters' Ego engine, which has powered every official F1 game since F1 2010.

F1 24
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That disappointment has now carried over to 2024, with it seemingly confirmed that F1 24 will be sticking to the EGO engine also. A leak on X reportedly shows the F1 24 loading screen, with the EGO engine logo present.

This all but confirms that the game will be the tenth F1 title to be powered by this iteration of the EGO engine, with fans sure to be upset about the game using the same engine as F1 2015.

Will Braking Point return?

F1 23 saw Braking Point return for its second iteration. After the game mode was omitted in F1 22, this was a very welcome returning feature. The main question is though, will Braking Point return in F1 24?

Well, that's difficult to say for a number of reasons. For a start, both of the Braking Points took place across two seasons, something that wouldn't be possible for F1 23.

F1 24 Braking Point
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

Braking Point 2 took place in 2022 and 2023, and while Braking Point 3 could only be set during 2024, that would be a downgrade on the previous iterations.

Also, the studio that has been making Braking Point is based in Ukraine and there are obviously difficulties around that part of the world at the moment.

We'd love to see Braking Point back for F1 24, but we also want it to be of the same quality as we've seen before. For that, we're willing to wait another year, which is probably what's going to happen.

Drivers and Teams

For the first time in Formula 1 history, the F1 grid has remained the same from the end of one season to the beginning of the next. All twenty drivers that ended the 2023 season have re-signed with their teams for 2024.

That doesn't mean there aren't any changes to be seen, though, as Alfa Romeo's sponsorship of the Sauber team has ended, so the Swiss outfit will once again be known by their factory name in 2024.

F1 24 teams and drivers
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Brand new in F1 24 is authentic driver radio messages. Taken from the 2023 season broadcast, players can hear the real-life grid react to incidents out on track as they happen.

Here are the 2024 F1 teams and their drivers for the upcoming season:

  • Red Bull: Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez
  • Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton & George Russell
  • Ferrari: Charles Lecerlc & Carlos Sainz
  • McLaren: Lando Norris & Oscar Piastri
  • Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso & Lance Stroll
  • Alpine: Pierre Gasly & Esteban Ocon
  • Williams: Alex Albon & Logan Sargeant
  • AlphaTauri: Yuki Tsunoda & Daniel Ricciardo
  • Sauber: Valtteri Bottas & Zhou Guanyu
  • Haas: Nico Hulkenberg & Kevin Magnussen


Like the drivers and teams, there aren't many changes when it comes to the circuits on the 2024 calendar. After being canceled again in 2023, the Chinese Grand Prix is slated to return in 2024.

The main changes are to the order of the calendar, as some races have been moved forward or pushed back to "regionalize" the roster. So, for example, the Japanese Grand Prix will take place in Spring rather than Autumn.

EA Sports F1 23
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

The new Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit will also be included from the game's launch, as this was added in as a post-launch update for F1 23.

There are going to be a few layout changes for circuits too, with Silverstone receiving the most attention this year. This will bring the British track up-to-date to make it the most authentic driving experience in the game.

Updates are also coming to Spa, Qatar, and Jeddah in order to make the tracks match their real-life counterparts. Also, the Singapore Grand Prix's Marina Bay Street Circuit will revert back to its regular layout for 2024.

So, this is the current 2024 calendar, in order, expected to be in F1 24:

  1. Bahrain: Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir
  2. Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Jeddah
  3. Australia: Albert Park, Melbourne
  4. Japan: Suzuka
  5. China: Shanghai
  6. Miami: Miami International Autodrome
  7. Emilia Romagna: Imola
  8. Monaco: Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo
  9. Canada: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
  10. Spain: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  11. Austria: Red Bull Ring, Spielberg
  12. Britain: Silverstone
  13. Hungary: Hungaroring
  14. Belgium: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  15. Netherlands: Zandvoort
  16. Italy: Monza
  17. Azerbaijan: Baku Street Circuit
  18. Singapore: Marina Bay Street Circuit
  19. USA: Circuit of the Americas
  20. Mexico: Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City
  21. Brazil: Interlagos, Sao Paulo
  22. Las Vegas: Las Vegas Strip Circuit
  23. Qatar: Lusail
  24. Abu Dhabi: Yas Marina Circuit

Despite not being on the calendar again in 2024, it is possible that the French and Portuguese Grands Prix will be included again in the track roster.

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