How To Play Time Trial in F1 24

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

F1 24 is out now, with players flocking to the paddock to begin their virtual racing careers. For those not yet ready for a full-on race, Time Trial is the game mode for you. But how do you play Time Trial in F1 24?

Practice makes perfect

Time Trial in F1 24 is basically practice mode. Players can choose which car to go driving in and track to drive on, before being placed in an arcade version of that track.

How To Play Time Trial in F1 24
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Damage is turned off, tyre wear and temperature are absent, and there is no fuel to worry about. All players have to focus on is nailing their braking point and keeping their delta green.

Performance is also enabled by default. This means that whether players choose to drive as Red Bull, Haas, or their F1 World car, the car’s performance will remain the same.

Different car setups will affect the car's performance. Our best F1 24 setups hub is the place to go if you want the best setup for every track in the game.

How to play Time Trial in F1 24

Finding Time Trial mode in F1 24 can be tricky for those who want to practice before a big race. Just as with F1 23, Time Trial in F1 24 is included as part of F1 World. This game mode is hidden away though, so you'll need to navigate through several menus to find it.

How To Play Time Trial in F1 24
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From F1 24’s main menu, players can reach Time Trial by following the menu path: F1 World > Play > Time Trial.

Once you’re in Time Trial, you can select which car to drive, before choosing which track you want to rack up laps in.

If you want to change tracks or cars while in a Time Trial session, there are two ways to do this. The first is to end the current session, heading back to F1 World before reentering Time Trial. The second can be found in the pause menu.

How To Play Time Trial in F1 24
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When pausing the game mid-session in Time Trial, you can change the circuit and car. From here, you can relocate to a different track, change your car, or both.

Now you know how to play Time Trial, it’s time to head out on track and start putting those laps in!

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