F1 24 Setups Leak Reveals New Options

F1 24 Setups: Brand new options arrive this year

F1 24 Setups: Brand new options arrive this year

With the first F1 24 playtest beta now over, players have discovered new setup options. Enabling even more customisation compared to F1 23, let’s take a look at how F1 24 setups can now differ from last year.

Nailing the setup

The biggest factor in Formula 1 is getting the setup of the car correct. It doesn’t matter how talented a driver you are; if your car isn’t right, you’re going nowhere fast.

F1 24 Setups: Brand new options arrive this year
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F1 23 tweaked the setup options last year, narrowing the window for the front and rear toe while also changing how brake balance and suspension settings worked. These changes opened the door for players to get more creative with their setups, ultimately reducing lap times and giving that extra competitive edge.

It looks like this will carry over into F1 24. The beta playtest revealed more changes to the setup screen, allowing for even more customisation. With new options available, the potential for creative setups is once again present.

Leak shows new F1 24 setups options

Leaked images from the F1 24 beta posted on X (formerly Twitter) reveal the new setup changes coming to F1 24. Although there aren’t a huge number of tweaks, these could still drastically change the car's performance.

The differential settings have been drastically changed, with the range now scaling from 10-100%. This is in stark contrast to F1 23’s 50-100% range, creating far more opportunities for players.

Furthermore, the ‘Transmission’ menu also now includes a third option for ‘Engine Braking’. This is directly linked to the energy recovery system (ERS) in F1 cars, with the engine used during deceleration to help charge the batteries.

The inclusion of an engine braking option could mean more ERS options are coming in F1 24, with players able to customise how their car recharges in preparation for a push lap or an epic overtake.

There are also minor changes to the ‘Suspension Geometry’, with the ranges of both camber and toe opened up for players to play around with. Ride height has also been opened up, with the rear height range increasing massively.

F1 24 setups leak
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Despite reported confirmation that F1 24 will be sticking to the EGO engine, it seems like there will still be some innovation coming this year after all.

Are you excited about the new possibilities in F1 24’s setups? Let us know in the comments below!

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