F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)

F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup: Best Car Settings For Yas Marina

F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup: Best Car Settings For Yas Marina

Abu Dhabi closes a long, hard season of racing. The track offers one last test for racers before they can relax for the winter break.

The changes made to the track in recent years have made Yas Marina trickier to master.

Our F1 24 Abu Dhabi setup will help you grab that one last win even after the recent handling update!

Best F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup

Since 2014, Abu Dhabi has hosted the final race of the Formula 1 season.

Months of hard work, car development, and of course racing culminate in a blast around the Yas Marina Circuit.

What was once a slow, meandering track is now a mix of high-speed straights and tricky corners.

F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup: Best Car Settings For Yas Marina
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Therefore it's key to master the setup one final time, especially if the championship relies on a win.

F1 24's handling is drastically different from its predecessor and has been heavily criticized by F1 Esports drivers and seasoned content creators.

A radical patch that modifies the handling has now arrived, so the setups you were used to from before have now changed.


  • Front wing: 45
  • Rear wing: 38


  • Differential adjustment on throttle: 25%
  • Differential adjustment off throttle: 50%
  • Engine braking: 100%

Suspension geometry

  • Front camber: -2.80
  • Rear camber: -1.20
  • Front toe-out: 0.16
  • Rear toe-in: 0.16


  • Front suspension: 20
  • Rear suspension: 10
  • Front anti-roll bar: 13
  • Rear anti-roll bar: 6
  • Front ride height: 20
  • Rear ride height: 45


  • Brake pressure: 94%
  • Front brake bias: 56%


  • Front right tyre pressure: 24.7 psi
  • Front left tyre pressure: 24.7 psi
  • Rear right tyre pressure: 24.7 psi
  • Rear left tyre pressure: 24.7 psi


Despite the long straights, Abu Dhabi still has plenty of technical corners that rely on downforce to stay in control.

Setting the front wing to 45 and the rear to 38 will keep the car quick down the straights, but tight around the turns. This will be handy for the mean chicane between the DRS zones.


F1 24 introduces a new engine braking option. This sets how much speed is scrubbed when easing off the throttle and pushed back into the ERS battery pack.

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Right now, a maximum 100% setting is the best option. This will help scrub speed off around long corners like the Turns 2 and 3 high-speed chicane.

F1 24 Abu Dhabi setup
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

The differential dictates how differently the rear wheels can rotate when on and off the throttle.

The on-throttle should be set to 25% and the off-throttle 50%. This will help maneuver the car through the technical corners.

Suspension Geometry

In previous years, the meta was to set camber all the way right and toe all the way left. As it currently stands, that creates some difficulty in car balance this year.

As a result, we recommend -2.8 and -1.2 for the camber settings and 0.16 for both toe settings. This also helps with the tighter turns.


Suspension is the most detailed section of your F1 24 setup and can be extremely personal to your driving style and skill level.

Abu Dhabi's twistiness means a relatively loose 20 front suspension and softer 10 rear suspension get the car to flex just right around the corners.

This can be a bit extreme, so if you have more confidence in the corner exit, feel free to bring these values closer together.

F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setup
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

Anti-roll bar sets how the car pitches during changes of direction. Setting the anti-roll bars to 13 on the front and 6 on the rear keeps the car going in the direction needed.

Ride Height can be lower but not by a huge margin. 20 on the front and 45 on the rear will provide enough ground effect without grounding the car on curbs.


The Yas Marina chicane tests even the hardest carbon fiber brakes. Your Brake Pressure needs to be high at 94% to slow the car down in time.

It also helps if your braking bias is weighted more towards the front than usual. Setting the front to 55% provides the ideal balance.


Tyre pressures vary a lot from track to track, as some circuits need high pressures, others low and a few somewhere in between.

Abu Dhabi is the final of these three, with the tyre pressures needing to be middle of the road to balance mechanical grip and tyre life.

F1 24 Abu Dhabi setup
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

Because of that, the front pressures should be set to 24.7 psi, and the rears at 24.7 psi.

What do you think about our F1 24 Abu Dhabi setup? Let us know in the comments below!

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