F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)

F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup

F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup

Round two of the Formula 1 season takes us to the assault course on the Jeddah Corniche. The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a relative newcomer to the Formula 1 calendar, but it's already established itself as a unique challenge in racing.

You'll therefore need the best F1 24 setup for Saudi Arabia, updated for the new handling patch.

F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup

Saudi Arabia treated us to a great spectacle in its debut in 2021, with the street circuit continuing to put on a show ever since. The Jeddah Circuit's layout has seen changes to the run-off to improve safety but has otherwise remained constant.

Big accidents into the barriers have meant that this is a race you can't take your eyes off. Every twist and turn has been designed to challenge even the best drivers over a lap, with the race also taking place at night to add to the thrill.

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Jeddah is a track designed for overtaking, with multiple DRS zones perfect for swinging past your rival. This is also the circuit that has the most corners of any track, with 27.

F1 24's handling was criticized by F1 Esports drivers and seasoned content creators upon release. The game has since been patched, with this setup best suited to the game post-patch.

Check out the full F1 24 Saudi Arabia setup at the bottom of this article, or read the setup summary below:


  • Front wing: 30
  • Rear wing: 19


  • Differential adjustment on throttle: 50%
  • Differential adjustment off throttle: 50%
  • Engine braking: 100%

Suspension geometry

  • Front camber: -3.50
  • Rear camber: -2.2
  • Front toe-out: 0.25
  • Rear toe-in: 0.25


  • Front suspension: 41
  • Rear suspension: 6
  • Front anti-roll bar: 12
  • Rear anti-roll bar: 7
  • Front ride height: 20
  • Rear ride height: 60


  • Brake pressure: 96%
  • Front brake bias: 55%


  • Front right tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Front left tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Rear right tyre pressure: 26.5 psi
  • Rear left tyre pressure: 26.5 psi


Jeddah has the most corners out of any track in F1 24, but most of these are easily taken flat, so your downforce doesn't have to be high.

30 Front Wing Angle gives you plenty of turn in, while the Rear Wing Angle can be lower at 19 to keep drag lower.


Transmission settings have changed for F1 24, with the Engine Braking now being able to be tuned.

F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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Engine Braking sets how rapidly the car slows when off the throttle and for Saudi Arabia, you'll need to turn this up to the 100% maximum.

For the Differential, a neutral 50% on throttle works well, as this will allow for smoother acceleration out of corners.

As for off throttle, you'll need to go more middle of the road at 50% to maintain a consistent ride when lifting off the accelerator.

Suspension Geometry

The Suspension Geometry settings haven't changed since F1 23. You'll need to ensure maximum grip by having the smallest possible Camber and Toe angles.

These values dictate the levels of mechanical grip at your disposal. The smallest angles increase tyre wear, but that won't be a problem in Jeddah.

So, with that in mind, the Camber needs to be -2.50 on the front and -0.70 on the rear.

As for the Toe, this needs to be 0.00 on the front and rear.


Suspension is the most complex section of the car to set up and is also one of the most important.

F1 24 Saudi Arabia Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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We'll start with the spring stiffness, which determines how the car rides the curbs and reacts to bumps in the road.

You'll need the front to be very stiff for maximum steering responsiveness, 41. The rear, though, needs to be soft at 6 to allow you to use the curbs.

The Anti-roll bar is also required to be soft, otherwise the car will snap on you through high-speed direction changes, 12-7.

The Ride Height should be on the low side to reduce drag and improve responsiveness. 20-60 gives a good overall balance.


As Jeddah has a high average speed, there are some huge stops around here. As such, 96% Brake Pressure will serve you well in Saudi.

The Brake Bias should be orientated 55% towards the front to give the perfect balance between the two axles.


In F1 24, you'll need to raise the tyre pressures to the max in order to be quick.

So, 29.5 psi on the front and 26.5 psi on the rear is the way to go in Jeddah.

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