F1 24 Imola Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)

F1 24 Imola Setup: Best Car Settings

F1 24 Imola Setup: Best Car Settings

As one of the most famous race circuits in the world, Imola is as fun to drive as it is challenging. Long sweeping sections combined with tight, testing turns means you have to be on your ties at all times at Italy's second race.

The punishing gravel traps beside the circuit are also ready to collect you if you run wide at any point. Therefore, you'll need a good F1 24 setup for Imola, updated for the new handling patch.

Best F1 24 Imola Setup

Imola is consistently ranked as one of the best racing circuits in motorsport. Although intimidating at first, for very good reason, the Italian track has a unique flow to it throughout a lap.

F1 24 Imola Setup: Best Car Settings
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The rapid dive down to Acqua Minerale, the tricky Variante Alta chicane, and of course the double Rivazza to close out the lap all combine to make Imola an incredible strip of tarmac.

The 2023 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was sadly canceled after the devastating floods that hit the region. This means players last year may have missed out on one of the best tracks in motorsport.

F1 24's handling was criticized by F1 Esports drivers and seasoned content creators upon release. The game has since been patched, with this setup best suited to the game post-patch.

Check out the full F1 24 Imola setup at the bottom of this article, or read the setup summary below:


  • Front wing: 30
  • Rear wing: 22


  • Differential adjustment on throttle: 40%
  • Differential adjustment off throttle: 50%
  • Engine braking: 100%

Suspension geometry

  • Front camber: -3.50
  • Rear camber: -2.2
  • Front toe-out: 0.25
  • Rear toe-in: 0.25


  • Front suspension: 40
  • Rear suspension: 7
  • Front anti-roll bar: 15
  • Rear anti-roll bar: 10
  • Front ride height: 25
  • Rear ride height: 55


  • Brake pressure: 95%
  • Front brake bias: 55%


  • Front right tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Front left tyre pressure: 29.5 psi
  • Rear right tyre pressure: 26.5 psi
  • Rear left tyre pressure: 26.5 psi


Imola requires more downforce than speed. The only really fast sections are the pitlane, which is built on a long curve, and the descent to the final Rivazza section.

A 30 front wing and 22 rear wing will keep you on the track and away from Imola's legendary gravel traps.

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Transmission settings have a new engine braking option in F1 24. This sets how much speed is scrubbed off when off the throttle and pushed back into ERS battery pack.

F1 24 Imola Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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This may change as we discover more about the setting, but right now a maximum 100% setting is the best option.

The differential dictates how differently the rear wheels can rotate when on and off the throttle.

The on-throttle should be set to 40%, and the off-throttle should be set to 50%. This will help rotate the car through the tight chicane.

Suspension Geometry

In previous years, you would set camber all the way right and toe all the way left. As things currently stand, that creates some difficulty in balancing the car this year.

As a result, we recommend -3.5 and -2.2 for the camber settings and 0.0 for both toe settings. This keeps the car stable out of the tricky hairpin.


Suspension is the most detailed section of your F1 24 setup and can be extremely personal to your driving style and skill level.

F1 24 Imola Setup (Updated For New Handling Patch)
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Imola demands a maneuverable car, with 40 front suspension and 7 rear suspension just right.

The anti-roll bar sets how the car pitches during changes of direction. Because of the constant cornering, we are setting the anti-roll bars to 15 on the front, and 10 on the rear.

The Ride Height should be higher for the raised curbs, with 25 on the front and 55 on the rear, to prevent spinning on sausage curbs.


Imola involves a lot of using the stop pedal. For these moments, your Brake Pressure needs to be high at 95%.

It also helps if your braking bias is weighted more towards the front than usual. Setting the front to 55% provides the ideal balance.


Maximizing the tyre pressures are the best option in F1 24. This will increase performance without sacrificing too much tyre life.

Setting 29.5 psi on the front and 26.5 psi on the rear will create the best rubber efficiency at Emilia-Romagna.

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What do you think about our F1 24 Imola setup? Let us know below!