How to Change Difficulty in F1 24

F1 24: How to change difficulty

F1 24: How to change difficulty

Racing in F1 24 can be as easy or as challenging as you want. Difficulty in the F1 series can be determined by two factors: AI and assists. So how do you change the difficulty in F1 24 to make the racing experience easier or harder?

How to change the difficulty in F1 24

Changing the AI difficulty in F1 24 adjusts how the AI behaves on track. To do this, head over to the settings menu, then navigate to the ‘Difficulty’ tab. Once there, simply adjust the ‘AI Difficulty’ slider.

F1 24: How to change difficulty
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F1 24's AI difficulty affects the AI speed during the race and increases or decreases the lap times during qualifying. Therefore, it's important to get the right balance before hitting the track.

It’s always tempting to ramp the difficulty up to the max before hitting the track, but the last thing anyone wants is to be left at the back of the grid once the race begins.

Fortunately, F1 24 has a range of AI difficulty levels:

  • 20-39 - Easy
  • 40-59 - Medium
  • 60-79 - Hard
  • 80-89 - Expert
  • 90-94 - Master
  • 95+ - Legend

Higher-difficulty AI will be much more aggressive when racing wheel to wheel. They will look to shut the door on any overtaking opportunities and force you onto the dirty side of the track.

The AI difficulty is one way to make F1 24 easier or harder. There is, however, another way to spice things up.

Changing assists in F1 24

Assists are crucial in the F1 series, and each assist affects the car's performance. Braking without locking up, hitting the apex every time, and keeping the car pointing straight when getting the power down on the corner exit are all crucial for maximizing lap times.

F1 24: How to change difficulty
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If you’re looking for a real challenge in F1 24, disabling every assist like diving in at the deep end. This includes disabling traction control, turning off the anti-lock brakes, and switching both gear shifts and race starts to manual.

This will increase the chance of locking up the car in the braking zones or spinning out when throttling away from slow corners. Therefore, players should take the time to learn how to control the car.

Away from the car, players can disable the racing line. This gives the challenge of learning the circuits from scratch, including braking points. Getting the braking point right, however, can shave off those precious seconds where it matters.

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