How to Use DRS in F1 24

F1 24: How to use DRS
Credit: Codemasters / EA

F1 24: How to use DRS
Credit: Codemasters / EA

The drag reduction system (DRS) is an extremely useful tool in Formula 1. Down the straights, DRS gives you that extra boost of speed to pull off overtakes. However, many players don’t know how to use DRS in F1 24.

Snatching the lead on the final lap of the race gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else. So, let's find out how to use DRS in F1 24.

How to use DRS in F1 24

DRS in F1 24 can only be used in DRS activation zones indicated by signs alongside the track. These are white signs with ‘DRS’ written on them in black text located at the activation lines, so they are easy to spot.

Once in a zone, you need to press the DRS activation button to activate DRS. On Xbox, the DRS button is Y. On PlayStation, it’s the Triangle button. This all sounds straightforward, but how do you know you're in the DRS zone if you miss the sign?

F1 24: How to use DRS
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When driving, look above the steering wheel at the HUD. As you approach a DRS zone, two green lines will appear, one on either side. At the point where you cross the DRS activation line, and DRS is available to you, these lines will meet in the middle.

A visible prompt will then appear to tell you to press the DRS button. This prompt will remain onscreen until you either activate DRS or reach the end of the DRS zone.

F1 24: How to use DRS
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You will also hear an audible sound when DRS can be activated. Once active, a set of purple markers appears on the HUD to show that your DRS is open.

DRS is automatically disabled upon braking at the end of the straight, so you don’t need to deactivate it once it's active.

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