How to Change Race Length in F1 24

How to Change Race Length in F1 24

How to Change Race Length in F1 24

The F1 series has a range of different race lengths available when setting up a session. Not only do the race distances change, but other settings can also be affected. Depending on if you’re going for a quick blast around a track, or settling in for the long haul on a 100% race, here's how to change race length in F1 24.

How to change race length in F1 23

To change race length in F1 24, you have to first enter a race session. You can do this from Career Mode, My Team, or Grand Prix in F1 World. Once you’re in the setup screen, head over to the Weekend Structure section.

How to Change Race Length in F1 24
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Here is where you can enable or disable practice and qualifying sessions for the race weekend, add a sprint race if you want more on-track action, and, most importantly, change the session length.

Session length cannot be changed once a race weekend has started, so make sure it's the length you want before starting your first session of the weekend.

In Career Mode and My Team, you can also change session length by selecting the Go To Next Session screen. However, once the race weekend begins, only certain session lengths can be tweaked.

How to Change Race Length in F1 24
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In total, there are six race lengths available in F1 24. These are:

  • Three-lap
  • Five-lap
  • 25%
  • 35%
  • 50%
  • 100%

The length you choose also affects other aspects of the game. For example, three- and five-lap races have pit stops, safety cars, and red flags disabled. 100% races, on the other hand, have mandatory pit stops to change tyre compound, so don't fall foul of that.

Once you're happy with the length of the race, it's time to hit the track and go racing!

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