F1 24 Career Mode: Everything you need to know

F1 24 Career Mode

F1 24 Career Mode

F1 24 has finally had the covers lifted, with official confirmation leading to fans speculating about new features coming to the game. With the series’ career mode badly in need of an overhaul, EA has hinted that there is a new career mode coming in F1 24.

Latest news - F1 24 official reveal introduces new Career Mode

F1 24's official reveal trailer has landed, and with it comes highly-anticipated news on the game's Career Mode. Players can now fill the racing boots of one of the 20 existing drivers on the grid, a first for the series.

Whether you want to start as a dominant Max Verstappen, or instead play as a struggling Daniel Ricciardo instead, F1 24 can help you live out your F1 fantasies.

A new reputation system within your team will help determine the hierarchy, with success seeing your status rise while failure could result in your teammate taking the recognition instead. This could help seal your fate, so it's important to do well.

Players who don't want to race as an existing F1 driver can create a new driver from scratch or begin as an up-and-coming F2 driver or even as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

Career overhaul

One of the most heavily requested features in the F1 series is an overhauled career mode. Since the introduction of My Team in F1 2020, there has been little to no innovation in the two career modes, but that's about to change.

F1 24's Career Mode will, for the first time in the series, allow players to play out their F1 career as one of the existing 20 drivers on the grid. Racers can even choose to begin their career as one of the up-and-coming F2 drivers or continue the legacy of their F1 heroes by racing as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

F1 24 Career Mode
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Also new are Contract Targets. Success in these rewards you with more favour from your team. Failure, on the other hand, could see your teammate win favour from the team instead.

A career in racing

Players looking to dip their toes into the new Career Mode can do so via the all-new Challenge Career. Jumping into the shoes of a pre-selected driver, players can compete in a mini-season to prepare for a full 24-race calendar career.

F1 24 Promises Overhauled Career Mode
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These Challenge Careers will be influenced by the community. Fans can vote on which drivers, teams, and circuits they want to compete in for future mini-seasons.

Two-player Career Mode also returns, with the driver objectives meaning every race is a battle to be the number one driver. This means for the first time, even co-op races can turn into a potential tug-of-war against your teammate, with plenty at stake for the victor.

Release date

F1 24 roars onto PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 31 May. Players who preorder the Champions Edition can go racing three days earlier on 28 May.

You can watch the exciting reveal trailer below:

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