F1 24 PS5: The 2024 Formula 1 Game is Coming to PlayStation 5

F1 24 PS5

F1 24 PS5

F1 24 is heading to PS5. The official Formula 1 game of the 2024 season will be here before you know it, but what unique advantages will be available for PlayStation 5 gamers?

F1 23 was a good game, but we know that Codemasters and EA Sports will up their game for F1 24. So, what's likely to be in store for us? And will the game be coming to the PS4 too?

We've got everything you need to know about F1 24 on PS5 right here!

F1 24 PS5

F1 24 will be released on all of the next-gen consoles, and this includes the PlayStation 5. The PS5 has arguably the best controller pad in the video gaming realm, as its DualSense controller has revolutionised racing gaming.

The haptic feedback feature of the PS5 controller adds a new level of immersion to racing. You can really feel the surface you're racing on, whether it's the tarmac below the wheels or the gravel trap if you've run wide.

F1 24 PS5
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If your TV/ monitor is up to it, the PS5 will be able to play F1 24 in up to 4K and with a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. It'll look absolutely stunning, especially as the graphics get better each year.

F1 24 will be one of only two console games, alongside F1 Manager 2024, that will replicate the official 2024 Formula 1 season. All 20 drivers, ten teams, and the full 2024 calendar will be in F1 24.

On top of that, F1 World continues to evolve and the full 2023 Formula 2 grid, teams, and drivers are also included.

New Career Mode

F1 24's official reveal trailer has landed, and with it comes the highly-anticipated news regarding the game's Career Mode. Players can now 'Be one of the 20', filling the racing boots of one of the existing drivers on the grid, a first for the series.

As well as this, a new reputation system within your team will help determine the hierarchy. Success will see your status rise, while failure could result in your teammate taking the recognition instead. This could ultimately help seal your fate, so it's important to do well each time you hit the track.

Players who don't want to take on the role of an existing F1 driver can create own driver, or instead begin as an up-and-coming F2 driver or even as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

Where can you buy F1 24 on PS5?

EA are promoting EA Play, and while you can't buy the PS5 version of F1 24 there, there is a benefit to subscribing to the service.

You will be able to pre-order the digital version of F1 24 via the PlayStation Store and being an EA Play subscriber will earn you access to a discount.

F1 24 PS5
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Other major gaming retailers in the UK such as Amazon and GAME will also likely be places to go to pre-order F1 24.

F1 24 PS5 editions & prices

F1 23 had two versions of the game which were available to pre-order. These were the "Standard" and "Champions" editions.

The same is the case for F1 24, with two separate editions for players to purchase. Both of these editions come with preorder bonuses for players looking to enter the paddock early.

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F1 24 PS5
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The Champions Edition of F1 24 is priced at £89.99 but comes with a range of perks for those who preorder. As well as receiving two new Formula 1 Icons, 18k PitCoin, and an F1 World Bumper Pack, players can get a bonus VIP Podium Pass and three days early access.

The Standard Edition of the game comes with 5k PitCoins and an F1 World Starter Pack for players who preorder. This can be bought for £69.99.

Release date

The official reveal of F1 24 has confirmed the release date of the game, and we don't have long to wait at all.

F1 24 PS5
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Despite previous entries in the series all releasing in the summer, specifically around June or July, F1 24 is breaking from tradition by coming sooner than we all thought.

F1 24 is hitting the grid on 31 May, with three days of early access to those who preorder. This puts those players behind the wheel from 28 May.

Will F1 24 be coming to PS4?

F1 23 came out on the old-gen systems of the PS4 and Xbox One, but will that be the case for F1 24? Well, despite EA Sports WRC not being released on the last-gen systems in a move that has arguably helped the game, it's still good news for F1 fans.

F1 23
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24 will be launching on PS4, in a move that all but confirms no new engine will be coming to this year's entry. This might disappoint current-gen players, but for those struggling to source a PS5, this keeps Ps4 players in the race.

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