F1 24 Trailer: Watch the latest trailer right here

F1 24
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

The F1 24 gameplay trailer has dropped and has got us seriously hyped for the game.

F1 24 is the official video game of the 2024 Formula 1 season and its full release date is getting close. Since the announcement trailer for F1 24 landed last month, confirming the game's release date, we've now had the first two deep dives as well.

Let's check out all the F1 24 trailers, and what they show us about the upcoming F1 game.

Latest - New deep dive showcases track and driver improvements

The third and final deep dive for F1 24 has landed, showing off the improvements to both the circuits and drivers. Several circuits have been given a much-needed overhaul, with Silverstone and Spa getting the most attention.

The home of the British Grand Prix was beginning to look a little tired, so Codemasters have given it a bit of TLC ready for F1 24's release. As for Spa, the infamous Eau Rouge and Raidilon complex has been updated to more closely resemble the recent reprofiling that has taken place there.

Every driver on the F1 grid has also been rescanned, with full hair rendering combined with eye and skin shaders resulting in the most realistic depictions to date.

Combined with authentic audio samples taken from F1 TV broadcasts, F1 24 immerses players in a way never seen before in the F1 series.

Gameplay trailer showcases upgraded visuals

The gameplay trailer for F1 24 has been released, showing us the overhauled visuals and audio coming to the game.

F1 24 has been given upgraded visuals, with all-new software improving the lighting, shadows, and reflections on every circuit. This is despite the game still using the almost ten-year-old EGO engine.

You can watch the F1 24 gameplay trailer below:

The trailer also gives us our first listen to the new driver radio messages featured this year. Using actual audio taken from F1 TV broadcasts, this sees drivers react to incidents on track as they happen.

Combined with the new handling and physics, these upgraded visuals and audio will immerse players even more into the world of Formula 1.

Career Mode detailed in second deep dive video

The second deep dive video for F1 24 has arrived, showing us how the overhauled Career Mode will work. After fans have demanded an update to the series' career mode, F1 24 delivers on this request.

For the first time in the series, F1 24’s new Driver Career lets you step into the shoes of your favorite driver from Formula 1 or Formula 2. This is on top of starting from a blank canvas with your custom avatar.

The deep dive introduces the brand-new driver reputation system coming in F1 24, as well as showing how your reputation is affected by your Driver Accolades. From influencing your team's research and development to holding secret meetings with rival teams, your reputation is everything in F1 24.

Winning races and achieving your goals will keep you on top in F1 24's Career Mode. Anything else could spell the end of your Formula 1 career.

F1 24 Trailer

The F1 24 reveal trailer is just over 90 seconds long, but there's still plenty packed into its runtime. The trailer begins with us starting the 2024 season at the Bahrain GP circuit.

The drivers are getting into their cars, as Codemasters show off the game's graphical capabilities. There are a few shots where you have to do a double-take to confirm whether it's real or not, that shows a clear step-up from F1 23.

F1 24
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

The theme of F1 24 is then made clear as we get some stunning shots of the cars lining up on the grid. The tagline "Be one of the 20" emphasizes the push to take on the role of one of the drivers in F1.

This is a big change from previous games, as previously you'd have to make your own fictional driver in career modes. Now though, you can step into the game as any of the 20 drivers on the real-life grid.

Revamped Career Mode

Let's analyze a few of the new features that got mentioned in the trailer. Those who are eagle-eyed will have seen a few shown in the closing stages of the trailer, but what do they actually mean?

Well, there are now live-action cutscenes in Career Mode, as the presence of Naomi Schiff alluded to in the trailer. Real-life driver audio will also be utilised to allow the racers to react to the Grand Prix like never before.

F1 24
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

The revamped Career Mode includes new content such as 1976 Champion James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya both as Icons.

There's also a new "Recognition" system that quantifies your driver's reputation which will dictate the morale and performance of your team as well as which teams are interested in signing you.

Your driver can also now earn "Accolades" for meeting certain targets and you can take part in shorter "challenge" Career modes. Two-player Career returns too.

What else did we learn?

Codemasters have been working closely with three-time world champion Max Verstappen to refine the handling model for F1 24 and bring it closer to real-life F1 cars. Dynamic Handling changes all aspects of controlling the fastest cars in the world.

Fan Zones are also coming to the F1 game, with you being able to team up with fellow fans of your favorite team to take on in-game challenges together.

F1 24
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

Precision Track Updates was mentioned in the trailer, but what that means isn't clear right now. Presumably, this would allow drivers to get information on which corner is slippier than others in wet conditions, but that's pure speculation at this point.

F1 24 Reveal trailer

F1 24 will be released worldwide on May 31 2024. Those who preorder the "Champions" special edition of the game will gain early access from May 28.

F1 24 will be available on PlayStation 4 & PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One as well as Windows PC via the Steam & Epic Games Stores. Pre-orders are available for all of these systems.

If you haven't seen the F1 24 reveal trailer, don't worry, you can check it out below:

What do you think of the F1 24 reveal trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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