Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Improved Tracks and Driver Likenesses

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements

We’ve previously seen the F1 curtain lifted on both the overhauled Career Mode and improved handling and physics coming to F1 24. The third and final deep dive for the game has landed, showing off the improvements to both the circuits and drivers.

With big changes coming this year, let’s take a look at what’s been overhauled in F1 24.

Circuit changes

One of the biggest changes coming to F1 24 is the track overhauls. Several circuits have been significantly upgraded to match their real-world counterparts.

Silverstone is getting the biggest changes. The home of the British Grand Prix was beginning to look a little long in the tooth, so Codemasters have given it a bit of TLC ready for F1 24's release.

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements
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Now drivers will feel every curb, bump, and surface change as they complete a lap around the Silverstone airfield. As the home race for Codemasters, the team has put a lot of work into making the track look the best it has ever been.

It’s not just Silverstone that’s received a much-needed upgrade. Spa has long been in need of a renovation in the F1 series, with Eau Rouge and Raidilon in particular being outdated. This section of the track has now been reprofiled, with Turn 11, Bruxelles, and the Bus Stop Chicane also receiving attention.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have also been given a bit of spit and polish, with paddock buildings, curbs, and trackside artwork all being improved. These tracks now more closely resemble the real-world Losail International and Jeddah Corniche Circuits.

Authentic racing

It’s not only the circuits that have been enhanced this year. All 20 F1 drivers have been meticulously rescanned, with full hair rendering combined with eye and skin shaders resulting in the most realistic depictions to date.

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements
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Audio samples taken from 2023 F1 TV broadcasts have also been used in key moments during races. Whether it’s crossing the line to take victory, or crashing out on the very first corner, hundreds of voice lines have been taken to add some authentic racing to the series.

New cutscenes also play out between sessions, adding some much-needed personality to the game. With as much action happening off the track as on it, players can now be drawn more into the world of Formula 1.

Finally, the F1 cars themselves have received upgrade packages. The addition of Ray-Traced Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination brings out the best of the EGO engine, despite it being the same engine used for F1 2015. This results in the most realistic digital recreations of F1 cars in the series yet.

Icons and Fanzone

F1 24's final deep dive also shows us the new My Team Icons coming in F1 24. 1976 F1 world champion James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya receive their legendary race suits this year, with both available to players buying the Champions Edition of the game.

For the first time in the series, players can jump into the cockpit as one of the My Team Icons. Now you can start a career as your favorite F1 driver, building upon their legacy in the sport.

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements
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The legends are also still available to be hired as your teammate, meaning you can line up alongside Pastor Maldonado, Jamie Chadwick, or even the F1 Sim Racing champions David Tonizza, Jarno Opmeer, and Lucas Blakeley.

We’ve also been given a further look at the new Fanzone mode in F1 24. Building on F1 World, the Fanzone allows players to select their favorite team and driver, before competing against the rest of the grid.

Earning Fan Points through each event in F1 World, players represent their selected driver and team. At the end of each season, the driver and team scoring the highest Fan Points wins the glory.

Unique challenges will take place during each Fanzone season, including fans predicting the results of real-world races during the 2024 season. Bespoke badges will be awarded, helping players stand out in the virtual paddock.

Final F1 24 Deep Dive Showcases Track and Driver Improvements
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F1 24 launches on May 31 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Players can preorder both the Standard and Champions Editions of the game, with preorder bonuses ranging from additional Pit Coins to three days early access for those buying the Champions Edition.

What do you think of the changes shown in the final F1 24 deep dive? Let us know in the comments below!

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