F1 23 Saudi Arabia Setup: Jeddah online, career mode, and My Team settings

F1 23 Saudi Arabia Setup

F1 23 Saudi Arabia Setup

Saudi Arabia is the home of the fastest street circuit in Formula 1. Jeddah has little room for error, making a stable and predictable setup a must. Our F1 23 Saudia Arabia setup guide will help you conquer the Jeddah Corniche circuit.

With F1 24 right around the corner, now's the best time to get those final laps in ahead of this year's release.

Update: If you're looking for F1 24 setups, you can find the best F1 24 Saudi Arabia setup here.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup

Now into its third year in Formula 1, the Jeddah Corniche circuit was built for entertaining racing. With three DRS zones and plenty of chances for opportunistic overtakes, it's a track that requires bravery and skill to master, as well as the right setup!


Jeddah's fast and flowing nature rewards top speed but punishes anyone who goes too far off track. As a result, we've opted for 25-27 on the wings.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup aerodynamics
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This keeps the car slick on the straights but provides the downforce when things get twisty.


Transmission dictates how the rear wheels rotate in relation to one another. We've gone for a 50-55 setup here.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup transmission
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This provides good rotation and traction balance, allowing you the confidence to turn the car and then get on the power without it swapping ends on you.

Suspension Geometry

A good suspension geometry setup for Jeddah is a front camber of -2.50 and a rear camber of -1.00. Combine this with a front toe of 0.05 and a rear toe of 0.25.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup suspension geometry
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This will keep the car responsive whilst also maintaining straight-line speed where it matters.


We have gone with 40-13 on the suspension and 11-6 for the anti-roll bars. This gives the car good performance when turning in while keeping the rear from fully stepping out.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup suspension
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Ride height is set to 36-39 to gain a bit more downforce without limiting top speed. This also lifts the car away from the more treacherous kerbs.


We have gone with 100% brake pressure and 55% brake bias. This gives you the best stopping force without a high risk of lockups.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup brakes
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To remove lockups completely you can reduce the brake pressure by a few clicks, just bear in mind that lower brake pressure means less stopping power so you will need to brake earlier.


We've gone with a low tyre pressure across the board with 22.7 psi on the fronts and 20.3 psi on the rears.

F1 23 Saudi Arabia setup tyres
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This provides a larger contact patch and fewer thermal issues longer into a stint. This is perfect for racing in the heat of Saudi Arabia, but they will take longer to get up to temperature after a pit stop.


These setups are intended for intermediate players who may still be using assists like traction control and ABS. However, if you are looking for an extra edge then you can try a few of these adjustments:

  • Decrease the wing levels by 1-3 clicks to improve top speed
    • This will make the car less capable on turn-in and less stable in high-speed direction changes
  • If the car doesn't feel like it is doing what you want on turn-in then raise the front wing a click or two
  • If the car is too loose at low speeds try moving the off-throttle differential to 53/54 for more stability
  • For a more "pointy" car stiffen the front suspension & anti-roll bar
    • This will make getting traction trickier
  • Don't be afraid to move brake bias during the lap. More frontward will give better performance in heavy braking zones, and a rearward for lighter braking zones
    • Lockups are easier to achieve in F1 23 than previous games. Front locking is less catastrophic than rear locking, and which way you go from our mark will increase your chances of a lockup in that direction
  • Add a click of tyre pressure for short online races to improve tyre warm-up!

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