Pre-order F1 24 on Xbox at a Discounted Price

F1 24 Champions Edition cover with Max Verstappen
Credit: EA

F1 24 Champions Edition cover with Max Verstappen
Credit: EA

Update: You can also buy the PS5 version for just £59.95 from Amazon using the link below. Amazon isn't saying it's on sale, but it is definitely a discount on its £69.99 retail price.

The 2024 Formula One season is well and truly underway, which leaves us racing fans clambering for the next F1 game to write our own history on the virtual track. The good news is that the wait for the next F1 game is nearly over. Even better, you can pre-order F1 24 for Xbox today and enjoy a 14% discount off the retail price.

That means the much-anticipated game is available at just £59.95, which is a small but enticing discount on a game that hasn't even hit the shelves yet.

We'd argue it's actually one of the best racing game deals out there right now considering just how popular the F1 series is. But is pre-ordering really worth it? Let's find out...

Should you pre-order F1 24?

We've slowly been drip-fed news on what the latest F1 game will include, with the cover art reveal happening just moments ago. However, we do know a little bit about what pre-ordering F1 24 gets you:

  • The base game
  • The F1 World Starter Pack
  • 5,000 PitCoins to spend

Although not on sale, there's also the Championship Edition to consider, with the extra step up giving you 18,000 PitCoins, the VIP Podium Pass, two MyTeam Icons, the F1 World Bumper Pack, and three days of early access.

Whichever version you choose, we'd say F1 24 is worth pre-ordering if you know you're going to be buying the game anyway, as you get some lucrative in-game loot as a reward. And, if you're pre-ordering, you may as well do it today and save yourself 14%!

For more information on F1 24, check out everything you need to know about the game in this guide.

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