F1 24 Update 1.5 Changes Ferrari and Smooths Out Barcelona

F1 24 V1.5 Update Changes Ferrari and Smooths Out Barcelona

F1 24 V1.5 Update Changes Ferrari and Smooths Out Barcelona

EA has announced the third post-launch update for F1 24, which brings some major changes to the game. Cars, tracks, game modes, and game features are all affected by the update, with V1.5 being the biggest update since F1 24 launched last month.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming in the F1 24 V1.5 update.

Changing Ferrari

Since the Miami Grand Prix back in May, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed something different about the Ferrari cars. The Sunshine State race saw the Scuderia debut its brand-new title sponsor, with Hewlett-Packard (HP) branding plastered all over the car.

When F1 24 launched, however, HP was nowhere to be seen on the Ferrari. That’s now changed in update 1.5. Fans can now rack up the laps in the overhauled Ferrari, with the HP logo now taking pride of place on the car.

The Ferrari race suits for Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and of course, you if you drive for the Italian team have also changed to match the real-world suits and the official team name has changed to Scuderia Ferrari HP.

As for the rest of the grid, the UI color has been changed for Haas and Visa Cash App RB. This will help players distinguish between the two teams more easily.

The changes aren’t just limited to the teams as a whole. Update 1.5 also brings significant changes to the AI drivers.

Racing the AI

Many F1 24 players have noted the AI unrealistic performances. Whether they are rocket ships down the straights or setting outlandish times when simulating sessions, players found it hard to keep up with the rest of the grid.

F1 24 V1.5 Update Changes Ferrari and Smooths Out Barcelona
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Update 1.5 changes the AI behavior to make the racing more even. Simulated lap times will now resemble on-track times more closely, while ERS will be used by the AI more realistically to encourage overtaking and build gaps between drivers.

Players should now find the AI easier to handle during races. Overtaking should and defending against other drivers should be easier.

AI drivers will also use the correct tyre compounds during Sprint Shootouts, once again adding to the realism.

The changes don’t end there either, with another major issue reported by players also fixed in update 1.5.

Smooth racing

There’s nothing worse than hitting an invisible obstacle while racing. For F1 24 players, this was a regular occurrence during the Spanish Grand Prix.

When approaching the penultimate corner, some players were colliding with the outside curb, launching their car into the air. This, as you can imagine, was causing drivers to crash out unfairly during races.

F1 24 V1.5 Update Changes Ferrari and Smooths Out Barcelona
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Update 1.5 smooths out Barcelona, removing this invisible blockade just in time for the real-world paddock to race around Catalunya. Now F1 24 racers can comfortably nail the final corner complex without being sent to the moon.

The DRS markers in Spa and Albert Park have also been relocated at the correct points along their respective circuits.

Various other issues and crashes have been addressed in update 1.5, resolving many game-breaking problems players had been facing.

F1 24 V1.5 update patch notes

F1 24 update 1.5 will roll out on Monday, June 24. You can find the full patch notes below:


  • Updated the Scuderia Ferrari HP name, vehicle livery, and driver suits
  • AI will now use ERS more effectively to encourage overtaking and building gaps between one another
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the game to stop on the starting grid and not advance to the race
  • Flattened out a bump in the track surface at Catalunya turn 13
  • Changed the UI colour for Haas & Visa Cash App RB for easier identification
  • Slightly increased the amount of brake pressure needed before ERS stops deploying to help people with controller or pedal problems
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when entering the Player Hub from the Main Menu
  • In Multiplayer races, vehicles which crash heavily into barriers will behave more realistically when viewed by other players
  • Fixed a rare issue which could prevent the player from using Engineer commands during a number of sessions
  • All cars will now use the legally correct tyre compounds in Sprint Qualifying 1 & 2
  • Improvements have been made to make simulated AI times more consistent with their on-track times
  • DRS markers have been adjusted to the correct locations at Spa and Melbourne

Game stability

  • Fixed a rare issue which could cause the game to crash when accessing the 'messages' tab at the start of season 2 with driver moves enabled
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from resuming a Two Player Career if at least one player had a refresh rate of 120hz or higher and was playing in fullscreen
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player could become stuck during a Secret Meeting and become unable to progress their Driver Career
  • Fixed a rare issue in My Team Career where the player was stuck due to their timeline failing to advance


  • Adjusted the front suspension on various cars so that they visually attach to the wheels
  • On PC, fixed an issue where the game's UI would not scale up correctly at higher resolutions
  • Improved lighting in the Secret Meeting sequence
  • Fixed a small amount of graphical corruption on the theatre menu screen on the Xbox Series X
  • Improved the quality of the mirrors in the car showroom
  • Fixed a small amount of flickering which would happen during the Driver Career introduction cutscene
  • The "Customise OSD" screen now has the correct sector colours
  • Improved cinematic Safety Car cameras at various tracks
  • Fixed some graphical issues with some casual wear customisation items
  • Improved the reflections on drivers' helmets
  • In F1 World, a character's lost mobile phone has been found and returned to them
  • Fixed an issue where the Safety Car would appear transparent in the pre-race cutscene if collisions were turned off
  • The pre-race cutscene at Monaco will now always highlight the correct driver's name


  • Fixed an issue in Challenge Career which sometimes prevented players from starting a Quick Practice session due to projected component wear
  • Fixed an issue in Two Player Career where a Practice Programme timer could be missing
  • "Average Lap Time" dynamic objectives will no longer include an out lap after a pitstop
  • The player's Fanzone total will be displayed in several places instead of their Driver Room total
  • Fixed an issue in My Team Career where free agents on the driver market screen would appear with the badge and sponsors of the player's team
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  • In Challenge Career, the player will be deducted points for small collisions during a race
  • At the end of a season in Driver Career, there is now a wider variety of expected Recognition values when comparing potential new teams


  • Commentators will now call Juan Pablo Montoya by his correct name
  • Improved audio quality on PS4 & PS5 when headphones are connected to the controller before the game has been started
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect audio could play in the audio settings screen if a lobby host changed the settings
  • When driving out of the garage in Practice and Qualifying sessions the player will now be able to hear the engine starting up
  • During the pre-race cutscene, the commentator will now discuss the featured driver shown on screen
  • Improvements to VO in various languages


  • Logitech G923 will now have Force Feedback no matter when it is connected to an Xbox Series X
  • Fanatec wheel rim displays will now show MPH when this is the setting in-game
  • Added support for the Moza Racing R3 wheel
  • Added support for the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ wheel


  • Vehicles can no longer clip into tyre barriers at Suzuka turn 9
  • The "Customise OSD" screen will now default to the current layout based on the race session you're in
  • A Safety Car or VSC will now show every sector as yellow on the track map for all circuits
  • Fixed an issue in Splitscreen where Player 1's selected driver could appear on Player 2's team selection screen
  • On the Livery Customisation screen, colours will now be reset to default correctly when selecting that option
  • Selecting to hide the MFD UI element from the OSD Customisation screen will now completely hide it
  • Fixed an issue on the Control Schemes screen where the "Unbind" function would no longer work after backing out of the "Confirm Changes" option
  • The "View By" filter in the Goals section of F1 World will now work correctly
  • UDP data should now be correct when dropping into an already existing online qualifying session
  • UDP data for the last lap of a session should now be sent correctly
  • All active Specialists will now have detailed statistics viewable in the post-session result screens
  • Various UI improvements in many areas of the game have been made
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

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