How to Get Faster in F1 24

F1 24 how to be faster
Credit: EA / Codemasters

F1 24 how to be faster
Credit: EA / Codemasters

Formula 1 is all about being as quick as you can in a race, but how do you get faster in F1 24? The answer to can change depending on how quickly you've got up to speed with F1 24.

F1 24 brings a radically different handling model compared to F1 23, so even returning players to the series may find it difficult to adapt. Despite this, F1 24 is still an improvement over its predecessor thanks to its improved handling and revamped career mode.

With that in mind, here are some top tips on how to get faster in F1 24.

How to get faster in F1 24

One of the most talked-about aspects of F1 24 is the overhauled handling developed with the help of Max Verstappen. The rear end of the car is noticeably more planted than in F1 23, so you can push it on the corner exit much more than before.

For example, this means you don't need to worry about the rear tyres spinning up in Turn 2 at Bahrain as you accelerate towards the second straight. You can also attack the kerbs far more aggressively than in previous years as well.

F1 24 Ferrari
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

Racers can also more easily feel when the car is about to step out in terms of mid-corner oversteer, so your driving style can be far more aggressive than ever before in F1 24.

That said, if you want to be consistently quick, some of the same rules that apply in F1 23 apply here, too.

Braking at the correct point is crucial to corner exit speed. The 'slow in, fast out' approach is still the best in Formula 1. Ensuring you only have one smooth steering input also helps you be consistent quickly.

This should also reduce tyre wear, particularly on the fronts, which have a habit of suffering heavy wear when cornering too fast.

Use the right setups

Your car's setup is arguably the most important aspect to ensuring that you're fast in F1 24. You can be the fastest racer around, but if your car isn't set up correctly, you're on a hiding to nothing.

F1 Esports Racer Brendon Leigh has some useful tips for setting up your car correctly.

F1 24 Monaco
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

Surprisingly, tyre pressures should be as high as possible. Normally, high tyre pressures mean high tyre temperatures and high tyre wear, but that's not the case for F1 24.

As Leigh demonstrates, lower tyre pressures lead to a more unstable ride, higher tyre temperatures, and a slower lap time. Try turning the tyre pressures up in qualifying and see if your lap times improve.

Leigh also advises revving up to around 11,500 RPM to get the fastest start off the line of a race.

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Wet weather setups

Wet weather changes everything in F1 24. F1 24 replicates this better than ever before, so you'll need to adapt your driving style to this in the wet too.

Whether you've got the full wets on or the intermediates, keeping your Pirellis cool is vital. A lot of the same principles from the dry that Leigh outlined also apply in the wet, but there are some notable differences.

F1 24 cockpit cam
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

The first is that you'll need to go off the racing line to cool your tyres down. Even if you don't have the racing line assist enabled, you can still see the wetter and drier parts of the track by the color gradient of the tarmac.

Be careful when getting back to the racing line, though. Doing this too aggressively can cause your car to struggle to settle for the corner.

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F1 24 is out now worldwide and on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC via the Steam Store.

If you haven't checked out the game's reveal trailer, you can find it below:

Have you tried out any of these tips yet? Let us know if it's made a difference to your lap times in the comments below!

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