Codemasters Addresses F1 24 Handling Issues

two race cars are racing on a race track in a video game .

two race cars are racing on a race track in a video game .

Despite being developed with the help of three-time champion Max Verstappen, F1 24’s overhauled handling is proving divisive. With Codemasters touting extensive changes to the suspension kinematics, tyre wear, and aerodynamic simulation, some players were hoping for more realistic and challenging handling than previous entries.

F1 24’s handling feels noticeably different compared to last year’s game. The feeling of traction is noticeably improved, making it easier to drive with no assists, detect when the rear end is slipping, and make the necessary corrections.

However, some players are finding the handling too grippy, meaning you can chuck the car into corners at unnatural speeds and drive over kerbs aggressively without incident. Others are also using grass-riding exploits to post unrealistically fast lap times.

Codemasters releases statement on F1 24 handling issues

In response to community feedback, Codemasters has released a statement addressing F1 24’s handling issues, confirming that an upcoming patch will make changes to the handling soon:

“Thank you to all the drivers who have already joined us on the grid in F1 24,” the statement reads.”

McLaren car in F1 24
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“Following continued conversation with drivers of all levels and our update last week on handling, we are pleased to say that we are making gameplay adjustments based on feedback we've received. The plan is to include those updates in the game’s next patch and we will update you on timing in the coming days.

In the meantime we will continue to work with the community, esports drivers, and content creators by gathering feedback to implement further tweaks.

Thanks again for the continued conversation to make F1 24 the best experience for all drivers.”

Codemasters hasn’t provided a release window for F1 24’s first major patch update yet. Going on past handling updates, it will likely arrive a few weeks after launch.

Red Bull car in F1 24
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Codemasters is in a difficult position. Making the handling too realistic will please elite players but alienate casual ones, so it will be interesting to see how the patch changes the physics. After the patch arrives, you’ll also likely need to adjust your setups again.

Have you been having issues with F1 24’s handling? Let us know in the comments below.

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