Does F1 24 Support PSVR2?

Will F1 24 support PSVR2?

Will F1 24 support PSVR2?

F1 24 has been officially announced, and it’s arriving earlier than expected. Set for release on 31 May, F1 24 will bring a new career mode and an overhauled handling for players to enjoy.

F1 24 is racing onto PS5, but will it support PSVR2 for players who want the most immersive experience?

Immersive racing

Virtual reality is revolutionizing racing games. Putting you literally in the driver’s seat, playing racing games with a VR headset adds an extra level of immersion and enjoyment.

As well as heightening the sense of speed, drivers can judge braking points more accurately and look around the cockpit to check the position of competitors trying to overtake you.

F1 24 PSVR2
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Sony’s cutting-edge PSVR2 headset allows PS5 players to experience virtual reality without worrying about hardware specifications. Fully playable in VR, Gran Turismo 7 is one of the best VR racing games on any platform. GT7 has set the bar high for virtual reality racing, so will F1 24 support PSVR2 and take it to the next level?

Will F1 24 be on PSVR2?

Those hoping to play F1 24 on PSVR2 will sadly be disappointed. While Codemasters and EA will be supporting VR on PC, the same can't be said about PS5.

F1 22 and F1 23 supported a variety of VR headsets on PC from the HTC Vive Pro to the Valve Index. However, both games have never offered PSVR2 support for PS5 players, and this is also the case for F1 24.

The system requirements confirm that F1 24 will be playable in VR on PC but PSVR2 support is not listed on the PlayStation Store. Sadly then, it looks like F1 24 won’t support PSVR2.

F1 24 PSVR2
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This could change in the future if F1 24 adds PSVR2 support in a post-launch patch. But given that F1 22 and F1 23 didn’t get PSVR2 patches, it seems unlikely.

PSVR2 has a small player base, making it difficult for Codemasters to justify pouring resources into PSVR2 support without first-party funding from Sony. F1 is also an annual series with short turnarounds, so PSVR2 will be low on Codemasters’ list of priorities.

F1 24 release date

F1 24 races onto PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 31 May. Players who preorder the deluxe Champions Edition can start racing three days earlier on 28 May.

Are you hoping to play F1 24 on PSVR2? Let us know in the comments below.

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