How to Change Language in F1 24

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

a race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

F1 24 is out now for Champions Edition players, but it hasn’t been a smooth experience for everyone.

A frustrating bug in the Steam version is causing F1 24 to get stuck on Chinese language settings after installing the game. With no obvious way to change the language, thi sis frustrating for non-Chinese-speaking players who can’t read the menus to start a race or change the controller settings.

Luckily, the F1 game community has found a temporary solution to change the language in F1 24 until Codemasters releases a patch update.

How to change language in F1 24

If F1 24 is stuck on Chinese language settings, the easiest way to fix this is to edit the registry according to Reddit users. To do this, type “regedit” in the Windows search bar to access the Registry Editor.

Two race cars are racing on a track in F1 24
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Once you've accessed the Registry Editor, select the F1 24 install directory. This is Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\codemasters\F1_24 by default.

From here, open LOCALE and change it to en_US. This will change all text menus to English in F1 24.

For some users, installing F1 24 on the EA app auto-selects Chinese as the language option. If you're not comfortable editing the registry, you can solve this by uninstalling the game and changing the language option to English when reinstalling.

Ferrari car in F1 24
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Hopefully, Codemasters will release a patch soon to permanently fix this issue for English language users.

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