How to Change Controls in F1 24

How to Change Controls in F1 24

How to Change Controls in F1 24

F1 24 has arrived in the paddock, with players hitting the track and starting the race. We’ve already covered the best controller and wheel settings for players looking to perfect their racing, but there’s also the matter of how to change controls to get things exactly how you want.

Here’s how to change controls in F1 24 to keep you ahead of the grid.

Controlling the race

F1 24 comes with a series of default control layouts depending on the platform. Console players have every button on their controller mapped to a function in-game, with all key buttons also appearing in on-screen prompts.

How to Change Controls in F1 24
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PC players using a controller have the same feature. Xbox or PlayStation controllers used on PC automatically map buttons to F1 24's main functions.

This is also mostly the case with sim racing wheels. Those who have the same buttons as Xbox or PlayStation controllers can use profiles in F1 24. These map the functions to the corresponding button on the wheel to create a seamless driving experience.

This isn’t the case with every wheel, however. In some cases, wheels have more buttons than functions, meaning players can map a wider range of in-game features to their wheel to use while out on track.

For players looking to fully map their wheels, or even for those who want to re-map their controller, how do you change controls in F1 24?

How to change controls in F1 24

Changing controls in F1 24 is thankfully not a complicated task. To find the control settings, go into F1 24’s settings menu, then scroll down to Controls, Vibration, and Force Feedback.

Here, you will every controller and wheel profile you have used in F1 24. Head to the device you wish to change the controls for, then select Edit.

How to Change Controls in F1 24
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This screen is where you will see all the functions in the game, as well as the control button mapped to it. To change a control, simply scroll down to that function, hit the select button on your controller (A on Xbox, X on PlayStation), and then press the new button you want that function mapped to.

To unbind a mapped button, hover over that function, and then hit the unbind button (X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation). This leaves that function blank, so be sure to map a new button before saving.

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It’s important to note that most functions in F1 24 need their own exclusive button mapped. Some features, such as the pit limiter and DRS activation, are mapped to the same button by default, so can be used on the same button as another function.

How to Change Controls in F1 24
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For the most part, however, it’s good practice to ensure every function has its own button. It’s also a good idea to keep the main functions, such as DRS, ERS, MFD controls, and radio push-to-talk, within easy reach when driving so as to not draw attention away from racing.

These practices also apply to wheels. Despite the extra buttons available, you should keep the main functions within reach of your thumbs at all times so they can be accessed quickly even during intense racing moments.

Once you are happy with the button mapping, save your new controller profile either by overwriting the default profile or by creating a new one. Then it’s time to hit the track and put your controls to the test!

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