Will F1 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

Will F1 24 Be On Nintendo Switch?

Will F1 24 Be On Nintendo Switch?

F1 24 has now been officially revealed, with the F1 franchise set to continue in 2024. We already know a few details, but players still have plenty of questions, including which platforms the game will be available on.

For those who like to race on the go, will F1 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

New year, new game

F1 24 continues the successful F1 series, with this year’s entry being the fourth published by EA. The official reveal confirmed multiple rumors about the game, including an earlier-than-usual release date, refined handling, and an overhauled career mode.

Will F1 24 Be On Nintendo Switch?
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This is one of the most exciting teasers for the game. With little to no innovation of the two career modes since F1 2020, it’s exciting to see the forgotten areas of the game finally getting some attention.

There’s also a lot of interest in which platforms F1 24 will be released on. With the game seemingly sticking to the EGO engine, many are now keeping a keen eye on the list of platforms.

The full list has now been confirmed, but the big question is will F1 24 come to Nintendo Switch?

New Career Mode

F1 24's official reveal trailer has landed, and with it comes hotly-anticipated news about the game's Career Mode. Players can now 'Be one of the 20', filling the racing boots of one of the existing drivers on the grid, marking a first for the series.

A new reputation system within your team will also help determine the hierarchy. Success will see your status rise, with failure resulting in your teammate taking the recognition instead. This could ultimately help seal your fate, so it's important to do well each time you hit the track.

Players who don't want to take on the role of an existing F1 driver can create their own driver, or instead begin as an up-and-coming F2 driver or even as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

Will F1 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

For those looking to fit in some races on their morning commute, it’s bad news we’re afraid. Despite the game remaining on the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One, F1 24 won't be on Nintendo Switch.

Will F1 24 Be On Nintendo Switch?
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This is the same as F1 23, which was also released on current and last-gen consoles but skipped Nintendo Switch. The reported switch to Unreal Engine 4 for F1 24 could also prevent the game from being ported to the Switch in the future as well.

The Switch likely isn’t powerful enough to simulate a full F1 race, with 19 AI cars along with a full circuit and crowd proving too demanding for the handheld console to cope with. Until a successor to the Switch is announced, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the F1 series coming to Nintendo’s consoles.

In fact, the last mainline F1 game released on a Nintendo platform was F1 2011 on Nintendo 3DS. There hasn't been an official F1 game on a Nintendo platform since the F1 Race Stars karting spinoff on Wii U in 2012.

Are you sad to see F1 24 not coming to the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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