F1 24 Revealed With Revamped Career Mode and More Authentic Handling

F1 24 Revealed With Revamped Career Mode and More Authentic Handling

F1 24 Revealed With Revamped Career Mode and More Authentic Handling

After announcing the game at the end of February, EA has fully revealed F1 24 following this week’s cover reveal.

Launching on current and last-gen platforms in May, F1 24 is set to feature a revamped career mode, more realistic handling helmed with the help of Max Verstappen, a new mode for F1 World, and some long-overdue track updates.

New career mode lets you race as your favourite F1 driver

With no new tracks or drivers in this year’s season, Codemasters has focused on overhauling F1 24's career mode. This has been long overdue, with Codemasters prioritising other modes like F1 World introduced in F1 23 and Braking Point. Career mode has felt largely the same in recent entries as a result, but this won't be the case in F1 24.

While seasoned players are used to playing F1 career modes as their own driver, F1 24 will let you compete as one of the 20 official F1 drivers from the 2024 season for the first time in the series’ history, whether you want to dominate as Max Verstappen or help Lewis Hamilton return to glory. .

F1 24 reveal screenshot Ferrari
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Alternatively, you can work your way up as one of the official F2 drivers or play as a legendary icon from F1’s history. If you prefer, you’ll still be able to play through the career as a custom driver.

Like in Frontier’s F1 Manager games, F1 24 features actual driver audio samples taken from F1 broadcasts, so you’ll hear drivers react to incidents or celebrate a victory as they cross the line. New cut scenes will also capture the atmosphere of the race day.

This will be a welcome change as the podium celebration cut scenes haven’t been updated for years. Driver faces also look dramatically improved in the intense reveal trailer compared to the dead-eyed characters in previous games.

F1 24’s new career mode will see you build your reputation by completing on-track objectives. Completing contract targets will help you secure a new deal with your existing team or have secret meetings to negotiate a new contract with a rival team. Your reputation will also influence R&D upgrades, as having a better reputation will increase your team’s motivation.

Every driver has a long-term goal, depending on the team’s expectations, in addition to short-term objectives. These will range from achieving a certain number of top-ten finishes and pole positions to becoming World Champion.

As before, two players can race together in co-op career, with individual driver objectives for each player. If you don’t want to race a full 24-race season, a new Challenge Career mode will let you compete in a series of mini-seasons, with the community able to vote on race conditions and circuits.

F1 World expands with new Fanzone mode

Introduced in last year’s game, F1 World returns as a hub for multiplayer, Grand Prix, and time trial events. In F1 24, F1 World will be expanded with a new Fanzone mode, allowing players to "align with their favorite team and driver over the course of a Podium Pass season" in Podium Pass seasons.

F1 24 reveal screenshot Fanzone
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Here, players join a time-limited league with collaborative goals and compete against rival teams. The fan-favourite My Team mode also returns with two new icons: former 1976 World Champion James Hunt and seven-time champion Juan Pablo Montoya. Both are exclusive to the Champions Edition.

More authentic handling

Alongside the new career mode and Fanzone, F1 24 will boast more authentic handling. Codemasters worked closely with Max Verstappen to create a handling model that “redefines the feel of the car to produce a realistic and predictable performance across wheel and pad.”

All-new suspension kinematics, an upgraded tyre model, advanced aerodynamic simulation, and new engine and car setup options will combine to make F1 24’s car handling the most realistic in the series yet.

F1 24 reveal screenshot McLaren Miami
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Elsewhere, Codemasters has updated several circuits to make up for the lack of new tracks in the 2024 season. Silverstone has received a “significant update to deliver authentic circuit accuracy,” while Spa, Lusail, and Jeddah have also been updated to represent the real circuits more accurately.

“The new handling model, powered by EA Sports Dynamic Handling will enable players to get maximum performance from their car, with authentic physics giving them the confidence in racing wheel to wheel with their rivals,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters.

F1 24 reveal screenshot Mercedes Silverstone
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“Our biggest Career innovation since 2016 delivers more of what our players want with greater variety away from the track. Alongside new handling and Career innovations, updated circuits, new audio, and a refreshed broadcast presentation give players the feeling of being closer to the grid.”

Release date

F1 24 races onto PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 31 May. Players who preorder the Champions Edition will get onto the grid three days earlier on 28 May.

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