F1 23 France Setup: Online, career mode, & my team settings

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It might not be on the 2023 calendar but Paul Ricard returns for this year's game which means you will need this F1 23 France setup.

Often bemoaned for dull races in Formula 1, the circuit Paul Ricard is one of those tracks that creates great racing in the F1 games. As a result it has become a favourite for league racing and is likely to still be in rotation this year. You can also add it back into your career mode & my team calendars in F1 23 so having a setup saved is vital!

F1 23 France setup

Formula 1 returned to France after more than a decade in 2018 having previously been held at Magny-Cours since the early 90s. The move back to Le Castellet and the circuit Paul Ricard created some shaky racing, but the long mistral straight and tricky final sector created some thrilling racing.

Track limits are always an issue at this track, as its massive asphalt runoffs don't really punish drivers who carry too much speed through the corner. To avoid that you need a car with a strong frontend and a reliable rear that won't break traction on you. Which means you need this setup!


While the mistral straight can dominate setup ideas, there are many fast, flowing corners on this lap that demand a good degree of aerodynamic performance.

F1 23 France setup aerodynamics screen showing the ideal settings
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As a result, we've gone for 30-25 on the wings. This will keep the car stable in the faster sweeps on this track and get your nose into the slower corners. You should also be competitive down the straights.


This part of the setup is all about how the rear wheels function. Lower values allow the rear wheels to act more independently, while higher values force the wheels to spin in closer alignment with each other.

F1 23 France setup transmission screen showing the ideal settings
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F1 23's handling model favours an unlocked differential setup, therefore we have gone with 55% on-throttle and 52% off-throttle. This provides good rotation and stability for the whole corner.

Suspension geometry

The golden settings for suspension geometry from previous games are still the ideal ones for F1 23, so there is no need to diverge from them.

F1 23 France setup suspension geometry screen showing the ideal settings
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That means -2.50 for front camber and -1.00 for rear camber. Then it's 0.00 for the front toe and 0.10 for the rear toe.


Suspension settings have been changed for F1 23, with Codemasters opening up the ranges and allowing players more room for tweaking and personalisation.

F1 23 France setup suspension screen showing the ideal settings
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We've gone with 32-18 on the suspension and 13-3 for the anti-roll bars. This platform will give the car a very responsive nose and keep it stable through the changes of direction. Be aware that as your tyres lose performance no suspension setting can keep the car from swapping ends on you through some of these corners though.

Ride height is set to 36-39. This will protect the floor as you take on the kerbs through the trio of chicanes on this track.


Stopping power is vital for getting overtakes done at the mistral chicane and into the first corner.

F1 23 France setup brakes screen showing the ideal settings
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As a result, we've gone for 100% brake pressure and 55% brake bias. This gives you maximum stopping power through the whole race.


The Pirelli tyres can be a little fickle in F1 23 and this track is tough on your tyres, but these settings should keep your wear in check.

F1 23 France setup tyres screen showing the ideal settings
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We're running 23.0 PSI for the front tyres and 21.0 PSI on the rears.


These setups are intended for intermediate players who may still be using assists like traction control and ABS. However, if you are looking for an extra edge then you can try a few of these adjustments:

  • Decrease the wing levels by 1-3 clicks to improve top speed
    • This will make the car less capable on turn-in and less stable in high-speed direction changes
  • If the car doesn't feel like it is doing what you want on turn-in then raise the front wing a click or two
  • If the car is too loose at low speeds try moving the off-throttle differential up a point or two for more stability
  • For a more "pointy" car stiffen the front suspension & anti-roll bar in relation to the rear
    • This will make getting traction trickier
  • Don't be afraid to move brake bias during the lap. More frontward will give better performance in heavy braking zones, and a rearward for lighter braking zones
    • Lockups are easier to achieve in F1 23 than previous games. Front locking is less catastrophic than rear locking, and which way you go from our mark will increase your chances of a lockup in that direction
  • Add a click of tyre pressure for short online races to improve tyre warm-up!

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