F1 23: How to unlock engineering in F1 World

F1 World is the brand new game mode for F1 23 and it offers a load of ways to play and a new way of developing a car. It has a strong Ultimate Team feel, with different slots to place upgrades, and tonnes of resources to collect.

One big part of F1 World is engineering. This section will allow you to craft upgrades from all the loot you've collected by racing. But you can't access it right away. So how do you unlock engineering in F1 World in F1 23?

How to unlock engineering in F1 World

The first step, rather obviously, is to head over to F1 World in the menus and unlock "Goals".

The Goals option on the F1 World menu in F1 23
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To do this you need to complete five races. These can be F1 World races or simply quick Grand Prix races so you can get it done quite quickly.

Once that's done you can then complete the actual goal to unlock engineering. Which is to complete a race with a Rare upgrade or better. You should have received one from doing the initial F1 World series races, so all you need to do is add it to your car and then complete an F1 World race to finally unlock engineering!

The goals screen showing what you need to do to unlock engineering in F1 World
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Now you can access the engineering part of F1 World and create the best upgrades possible.

How to craft upgrades in F1 World

Now that you've unlocked engineering you can begin crafting upgrade parts and more.

There's plenty to do in engineering. You can make legendary parts for wing, power unit, gearbox, and brakes. Not only that, but you can also do the sponsor, principal, R&D head, and strategist for those slots.

You can also craft contracts to keep those personnel working away for you, make stickers for your compendium, and convert resources into others so that you always have the stuff you need.

F1 23 review

F1 23 is finally here, and there are a lot of hopes hanging on this year's game both from the developers and the fans. After a tricky year with F1 22, it's safe to say that F1 23 is an improvement.

The new handling model is excellent, with the traction finally feeling more realistic and typical to other games. F1 World is also a nice addition, though likely to be divisive among the community.

Read our full F1 23 review here.

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