How to get a licence in F1 23?

F1 World is an exciting new game mode for F1 23, but lots of its races and challenges are gated when you start, so how do you get a licence in F1 23? This is important because you'll need one if you want to progress in F1 World!

There's tonnes to do in F1 World, and it's a great place for casually driving when you don't want to do the next race in your My Team save. However, the new mode for F1 23 will track your performance and reward you with licence points, so let's dive into them and find out more.

How to get a licence in F1 23

As you progress through F1 World, you will hit an event wall where you need to have a licence to progress further. You can race in the first few events without a problem, but then you run into the licence barrier.

F1 World blocking a player as they do not hold a licence to progress in F1 23
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In this moment you might be frustrated. We certainly were. But don't worry, you don't have to dive into ranked multiplayer or anything like that to get a licence.

Instead, head over to "Solo & Multiplayer Events" and select "Quick Race". Here you will join others and the grid will fill with AI cars for a five-lap race. All you have to do is pick between licence D and licence C for your starting point.

The Quick Race option in F1 World
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As long as you complete the race you will be awarded your licence! You can then go and take on whatever challenges you like within F1 World.

How to improve your licence in F1 23

The higher licence you have, the more realistic the racing you compete in will be. At lower licences there is auto-recovery, ghosting between players, and no damage. At the higher levels though, you'll find all those helping hands are removed.

Getting your licence in F1 World, part of F1 23
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In order to progress your licence you will need to complete clean laps in races to add points and reach the next level. If you get involved in crashes or cut corners you'll find your licence decreasing.

Higher licences earn better rewards in F1 World, so it is absolutely worth your time to work on your licence and get it up to A if you can!

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