F1 23 vs 22: Is it worth it?

F1 23 has been out for a week now, but as is always the case with annual sport games, players are wondering about F1 23 vs 22 and if the new game is worth it.

After more than a decade at the helm of the official Formula 1 series, Codemasters has done a lot to move the series forward. The introduction of F2 and story modes in F1 2019 and then My Team in F1 2020 were huge. But we've not really seen a massive leap forward since. So if you have F1 22, is F1 23 really worth getting? Let's investigate.

F1 23 vs 22

When it comes to career mode & My Team, F1 23 is very similar to F1 22. Very little has changed when it comes to how you develop your car, sign sponsors and teammates, and generally go from the back of the grid to champion. So if you are looking for a fresh journey to the top then F1 23 probably isn't for you. However, the on-track experience is night and day to F1 22.

Stroll and Hamilton go wheel-to-wheel at turn 3 in Austria in F1 23
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The driving AI has been improved, with better wheel-to-wheel racing and more battling to be had. The handling model has received a huge overhaul too, removing a lot of the dull understeer and correcting the aggressive torque.

F1 23 is a much more driveable and enjoyable experience on the track, with plenty of players finally able to remove the traction control assist as there is more linear and predictable peaks of wheelspin now.

The experience on controller has also been greatly improved. The introduction of Precision Drive to the game has allowed controller players more minuscule degrees of control over the car, letting them get a better experience and bring their overall ceiling closer to the wheel players out there.

So if you want a better driving experience, the you should absolutely get F1 23. While your car development and experience between races will be the same as F1 22, once you get on track the improvements are enormous and well worth your money.

New modes

There are a few new modes to F1 23 as well. Braking Point returns with a new story picking up after the F1 2021 one. Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler return, but there are plenty of new characters adding extra layers to the experience.

We won't spoil the story, but the quality of the voice acting, animation, and narrative is a big step up from the last time we saw it. You also spent a little more time in F2, which provides a different driving challenge for players, most of whom never touch the junior category.

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The F1 World garage showing your upgrades in F1 23
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Then there is F1 World. This mode is an entirely new take on F1 gaming. You get a base car that has eight upgrade slots, four for parts and four for team personnel. You can then earn or craft these upgrades by completing challenges in your F1 World car, or by doing quick-start Grand Prix races and even laps in time trial.

These upgrades provide additional downforce, extra engine power, and even bursts of performance like more power for the first 60 seconds of a race. The idea is to promote more casual play and give a more level playing field as things like setups are locked.

While the mode feels like a test case for an F1 Ultimate Team further down the road, right now F1 World is a great pick-up-and-play mode for when you want to race but don't want to commit to your 50% distance My Team save.

Is F1 23 worth it?

Our opinion is yes, F1 23 is definitely worth getting if you already have F1 22. The enjoyment we are getting from the new game is miles ahead of what F1 22 delivered. It's like being in this year's Red Bull while F1 22 is the Williams.

Turn 1 at Hungary in F1 23
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The quality of the racing you can have and the handling of the cars makes the upgrade totally worth it. Of course, the game is full price right now and that may sway the decision for some players. You may have to wait a while before discounts come along, and F1 23 won't be hitting Xbox Game Pass any time soon. Overall though, it's a huge improvement on F1 22 and well worth your time and money if you love F1 and love virtual racing!

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