*UPDATED* F1 22 Bahrain Setup: Online, My Team, Career Mode settings

F1 22 has finally arrived with its brand new cars, which means it is time for our F1 22 Bahrain setup!

The new cars are quite the challenge. Heavier, slower to respond in slow corners, but glued to the road in fast sweeps, they require a change in driving style and of course in setup.

When it comes to Bahrain you need a good setup to match its long straights and some tricky mid-speed sweepers that can leave you spinning out if there isn't enough rear downforce. What you need is this F1 22 Bahrain setup!

This setup has been updated for patch 1.06 handling change

F1 22 Bahrain setup

As the first race of the season, everyone will be taking on Bahrain in Career Mode and My Team right away.

This setup is designed for stability and driveability. With the tricky turn 10 always waiting for you to lock up and the long turn 12 ready to catch you out there are lots of challenges awaiting you.



Codemasters has unlocked the full aerodynamics range this year, giving players a blank slate and the option of 0-50 on both wings.

F1 22 Bahrain setup aerodynamics
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AERO: This wing level will keep you competitive on the straights

For Bahrain we have opted for 18-15 on the wings.

The front wing has been increased since the handling patch to counter the increased understeer.

These settings will keep you competitive down the straights and glued in the long corners, just so long as your entry angle is right!



This part of the setup describes how the power of the engine goes through the rear wheels and into the tarmac.

F1 22 Bahrain setup transmission
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GRIP: This is all about how your wheels behave

The 60% on-throttle differential will help combat that corner-exit understeer.

The 54% off-throttle differential helps to rotate the car at the apex before you get back onto the throttle.

Suspension geometry

The meta for suspension geometry hasn't changed at all since the handling patch.

F1 22 Bahrain Setup suspension geometry
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STABILITY: This all aids the rear end

The usual -2.50 front camber holds from last year, and the -1.00 rear camber too.

0.05 front toe still feels like the right setting, as does 0.20 rear toe.


This part of the setup is always the most personal and depends on your own driving style.

F1 22 Bahrain Setup suspension
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CAREFUL BALANCE: The base we've created counters the understeer within the car

We've gone with 1-2 on the suspension and 1-5 on the anti-roll bars.

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This is a big change from the original setup and helps to create more rotation in the car through the corners.

So far we've created a lot of rotation, but we need to get some rear stability back through the ride height.

The 6-5 setting lets you attack the kerbs through the middle sector and will keep the rear under control through the longer corners.


This is one area that isn't changing much.

F1 22 Bahrain Setup brakes
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FULL POWER: Give yourself all the stopping power!

We've gone with 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias. This once again seems to be the best setup option for getting the car slowed down and avoiding lockups.

If you are new to racing without ABS then you can drop the brake pressure slightly to help avoid lockups, once you are used to that boost it back up again!


Pirelli's new 18" rims and low-profile tyres are a challenge, and since update 1.06 require a totally different setting.

F1 22 Bahrain setup tyres
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FRESH RUBBER: Pirellis new tyres will be a challenge

We've gone with a front tyre pressure of 23.3 psi and a rear tyre pressure of 21.5 psi.

This provides a good balance and wear for all compounds. While Bahrain is rear-limited you shouldn't struggle with traction or grip on this setup even deep into your stint.

We are constantly testing and updating our setups, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

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