Do the F1 games need a soundtrack?

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First of all, we entirely understand that a soundtrack will not, and should not, be at the top of Codemasters' priority list.

Following a takeover from EA, Codemasters will be focussed on their other titles, as well as ensuring F1 2021 is ready to go.


However, maybe it's just our age showing, but a solid soundtrack wouldn't go amiss. Here's why we think the F1 games could do with a musical soundtrack!

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Bring our music back!

Way back when, in 1996, a little old title simply called Formula 1 was release unto the masses.

F1 2020 British Wet TN
RACING TO ROCK: We'd love to see an optional soundtrack return in the game!

At the time, and for Psygnosis' other IPs, an electronic musical backdrop whilst racing was the go-to. Not for Formula 1 however.

The game launched with a soundtrack of true hard rock and metal. Now, this music definitely isn't for everyone, but when racing is concerned, it's hard to turn it down.

Not for everyone

Naturally, the nature of racing games, especially the F1 games, has changed drastically. Nowadays, with sim rigs costing thousands of pounds and sound being an important driving cue, why would you even want music while you drive?

Devon Butler f1 2019 career mode
PODIUM ANTHEMS: Naturally, the traditional podium anthems will have to stay!

It goes without saying that a soundtrack would be for the casual gamer, who just wants a soundtrack to listen to while they put in some laps.

Now, they could just put some headphones in as well, but why not have an integrated music player for racers to enjoy?


Nostalgia beckons

Quite frankly, the main reason I'm writing this is because of my fond memories of Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2, and its awesome soundtrack.

f1 2019 australia
GET STARTED: When we're not racing seriously, we'd love some tunes to accompany us!

To this day if I hear a snippet of 'Go With The Flow' (a rare occasion of course), I'm suddenly teleported back to sitting on the floor in my bedroom, not a care in the world as I prepped my B-Spec driver for another 24 hour stint.


For me, a soundtrack is an awesome addition to a game, and for those that don't want one, you can simply turn it off!