Will F1 24 Have Classic Cars?

F1 24
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

F1 24
Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

EA Sports has officially announced F1 24, with the game's official reveal trailer now landing. With features rapidly being confirmed, fans are asking the same question: are classic cars coming back?

Here's everything we know so far about classic cars in F1 24.

Overhauled Career Mode

F1 24's official reveal trailer has brought more news about the game's Career Mode. Players can now 'Be one of the 20', filling the racing boots of one of the existing drivers on the grid, a first for the series.

A new reputation system within your team will help determine the hierarchy. Success will see your star rise, while failure could result in your teammate taking the recognition instead.

Players who don't want to take on the role of an existing F1 driver can create their own driver still, or instead begin as an up-and-coming F2 driver. If you want to live the F1 life as a hero of the sport, players can even drive as one of the legendary F1 Icons.

So Career Mode looks promising, but will classic cars be making a return in F1 24?

Will F1 24 have classic cars?

Classic cars have featured in past F1 games sporadically, first introduced in F1 2013 with legendary cars from the 1980s and 1990.

This changed up the gameplay and the amount of content in the game, arguably making it one of the best F1 games ever at the time. Classic cars were absent in F1 2014 but made a welcome return in F1 2017.

F1 2020 Ferrari 2004
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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

However, classic cars haven't featured in the series since F1 2020, with Codemasters favoring other features such as F1 World and Braking Point. They haven't featured in an EA Sports F1 game since EA bought Codies, but will that change in F1 24?

Sadly it seems classic cars won't be returning this year. Codemasters appear to be focusing on the present on cars from other series like Formula 2, plus the supercars players can take for a spin in F1 World.

Are you sad to see that classic cars not returning in F1 24? Let us know in the comments below.

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