F1 2020: Mexico Grand Prix Setup - Aerodynamics, Transmission & more!

Mexico is one hell of a track, and takes place at an incredible altitude.

This race setup will give you the highest chance possible to finish top of the podium every time.

So, without further ado, let's jump into the setup you should be using for the Mexico Grand prix!


You need to ensure balance here, as the two halves of the track are very different.

F1 2020 Mexico Aero
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We ended up going with a figure of 7 on the rear and 4 on the front.

This makes sure we maintain a high speed along the straights with some nice maneuverability in the corners.


The diff setup is also incredibly important. You'll need good traction out of that tight final corner on to the long straight.

F1 2020 Mexico Transmission
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To achieve this, we've gone with an on-throttle diff of 50% and an off-throttle diff of 62%.

This strikes a nice balance between traction and the ability to rotate the car nicely through the corner.

Suspension Geometry

Due to the mixed nature of the track, we once again need to compromise here.

F1 2020 Mexico Sus Geo
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To do this, we've gone with a front camber of -2.60 degrees and a rear camber of -1.10 degrees.

This is paired with a toe setup of 0.05 on the front and 0.20 on the rear to maximise straight-line speed.


To ensure a consistent race pace, you need to be aggressive on the kerbs and in a straight line.

F1 2020 Mexico Suspension
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Go for 1 on the front and 5 on the rear with anti-roll bars of 3 on the front and 9 on the rear.

This is coupled with a ride height of 2 on the front and 4 on the rear, which should let you be aggressive on those kerbs and maintain straight line speed.


Brake bias for Mexico is pretty standard, as the track is neither too windy nor too fast.

F1 2020 Mexico Brakes
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Go with a brake pressure of 95% and a brake bias of 50%.

This should let you brake firmly without too much worry of locking up your brakes.


Once again, we have a familiar tyre setup for mexico.

F1 2020 Mexico Tyres
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For this, we want to reduce wear and temps as much as possible to prolong tyre life.

We've gone with 21.8psi on both fronts and a low value of 19.5psi on the rears.

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