F1 2020: MyTeam car at Bahrain photo competition, prizes & more!

There's nothing like some friendly competition to help spice up your time on a game.

With racing titles, the whole game often revolves around competition, it's kind of in the name.

However, Codemasters has brought us a new form of competition this time. Let's take a look at it now, and how you too can enter!

MyTeam at Bahrain

This competition is in fact a photo competition and involves your MyTeam car. Perhaps you could put some of the new Podium Pass liveries to good use?

F1 2020 Series 4 livery
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STAND OUT: How will you make your car stand out in the crowd?

You have to get creative and snap the best picture of your car at the Bahrain circuit, and version of the circuit is fine.

So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning either 10,000 or 5,000 Pitcoin, make sure your livery is a real standout affair!

How to enter

Firstly, there are some rules and regulations you have to abide by. The car must be your MyTeam or Multiplayer vehicle.

f1 2020 podium pass series 4
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WEIRD AND WHACKY: There are plenty of choices for drivers to pick!

You have to be at either Bahrain International or Bahrain Short Circuit, no preference is given to either of the tracks.

For those on PC, no 3rd party mods are allowed. If you do so, you'll void your precious entry into the competition!

Your entry must have a caption of no more than 20 words, and be posted to the Competition discussion thread.

The deadline for entries is midday BST on 1 April 2021.

Series 5 Podium Pass

One of the most exciting additions to this Series is Prestige. If you're an avid Call of Duty you'll know about this already, but it adds an extra incentive to keep playing.


Once again, there are of course come cool new helmets, suits and other cosmetics to spice up your game.

Finally, Series 5 brings some new challenges for drivers in the game to test themselves with.

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